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Feb 25 2013

Oscars 2013: Charlize Theron In Dior Couture

Dior charlize theron Oscars 2013: Charlize Theron In Dior Couture %tagWho: Charlize Theron

Where: At the 85th Annual Academy awards held in Los Angeles

Wearing: A white Dior Couture gown featuring embroidery detailing to the peplum and a train, teamed with Harry Winston jewellery worth $4.5 million, including emerald-cut earstuds, and two vintage 1959 diamond bracelets set in platinum

Verdict: This gown made such an impact on the red carpet, but for me it really shined when Charlize Theron was on stage presenting, it showed off the structure of the gown and the sparkle of the embellishments that made me love it even more.

This gown is striking without being too flashy, but I think that Charlize could have worked bright accessories, hot pink lips, or even statement earrings – all would have made this dress shine even more and show off that adorable pixie cut of hers.

Do you agree – could Charlize have done more with this gorgeous gown?

[Pic: via Dior]

Aug 02 2012

Video Loving: Battle Of The Fragrance Blondes

BlakevsGwyneth Video Loving: Battle Of The Fragrance Blondes %tag

I have never noticed before until both Gucci and Hugo Boss unveiled their latest fragrance faces that blondes obviously smell better as well as having more fun!!! This week both luxury labels released their short films and both it seems went for a old school Hollywood glamour, Veronica Lake-inspired waves, a room with a view, as well as the trademark sexy walk and the alluring spray shots.

Even if you aren’t that keen on Blake Lively or Gwyneth Paltrow, I don’t think you can deny how amazing they both look in these ads, and I find it staggering that there is a 15 year age gap. Seriously is Gwynnie getting younger?

But striking looks aside in the battle for the best blonde I am going to have to give it to Blake and her Gucci ad, not only does she look stunning in a gold sequin Gucci gown, but it just feels more special and memorable – maybe it is all the gold, very Olympian of them, or maybe it is the historic setting of the Goldstein Residence – but for me this just feels more opulent.

The Hugo Boss ad I think suffers from bad timing, if it didn’t come out at the same time as Gucci’s maybe I would have thought differently about it – but for me it just feels flat. Gwyneth looks stunning in her one-shoulder Hugo Boss dress, but I felt a little weird watching her getting ready – I don’t know it just doesn’t sparkle.

But seeing both Blake and Gwyneth it made me wonder what other famous blondes have rocked a fragrance campaign – and just with a quick spell of research it seems a lot!!! All the big names from Dior to Chanel and Calvin Klein have all gone for a blonde in recent years - literally everyone from Diane Kruger to Scarlett Johannsson and even Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman owned their scents with blonde locks.

I know I am going to get a comment that Keira Knightley is working her brunette hair in a Chanel fragrance campaign and Kristen Stewart was just unveiled by Balenciaga – but come on you know what I am getting at – a high percentage of fragrances seem to be fronted by blondes – I just found that interesting.

So who rocked their blonde locks better for you – Blake or Gwyneth?blondefragranceads Video Loving: Battle Of The Fragrance Blondes %tag

[Pics: Gucci, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Dior, Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace]

Jun 27 2012

Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman

Queen Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tag

When it comes to fashionable movies I know everyone is waiting for The Great Gatsby at the end of the year but last week I finally went to see Snow White & The Huntsman and I was blown away by the costumes from Colleen Atwood, the costume designer behind Chicago, Alice in Wonderland, and Memoirs of a Geisha.

For most I am sure Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron are enough of a pull to see this film, but I have to admit with it coming soon after Julia Roberts’ Mirror Mirror I was a little dubious about seeing another version of this fairytale. It did however surprise me, there is a darkness to the story that is played out perfectly by Charlize as the sexy-yet-evil queen, who has the most spectacular of wardrobes, and even Kristen as Snow White was impressive, rather less of a princess and more of a Joan of Arc character, which I think is probably easier for her to pull off. With the evil queen and the heroine sorted, the story just needed a hunky protector in the form of Chris Hemsworth, great eye candy, and then you have the very funny but badass dwarfs, who kind of had a touch of Narnia-meets-Games of Thrones about them.

Queen3 Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tag

Don’t get me wrong this film is so geared to the teen market, why else would they cast Kristen, but what I took away most was the spectacular creations from Colleen Atwood. Of course all eyes are on Charlize as Ravenna, the sorceress haute-couture queen who has a fear of her mortality, which is played out perfectly in her costumes as they have a lot of death about in the detailing from the use of bones, beetle wings, and rooster feathers - kind of reflective of her own rotting mortality during the film and they looked spectacular on the big screen.

Of course her crown is important, it is iconic, and I love that even though the film is completely different from the Disney version, the pointy structure of the crown is inspired by the animated version, plus it feels a little Roman as well to me and I love the addition of the jewels.

Queen1 Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tagQueen7 Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tag

The most spectacular of her gowns has to be her wedding dress, with its medieval-meets-couture runway vibe. It truly is a statement gown with its architectural shoulders that seem to be made from bones, to the embroidered and lace gown that kind of made me think of peeling skin, and fits perfectly into the evil queen’s vanity.

I also have to quickly gush about all the jewellery, everything from the earrings to the crowns, and the very cool talon-like finger-caps, the detail of each look is incredible, even more so when you realise that every piece, some 2,000 costumes were all custom-made – now that is a huge job.

Queen8 Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tagsnowwhite Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tag

Of course it wouldn’t be right to talk about the costumes of Snow White and not include the princess herself played by Kristen. I actually loved what Snow White was wearing it was more rock-chick than Disney princess, which worked better with the dark and action-packed script. There is still a regal look to her outfit, even though she has been held captive in the tower, I love the puff sleeves and the metal detailing around the corset.

Snow White doesn’t get as many costume changes as the evil queen so she is in this look for most of the film so to adapt to her surroundings and the action, the Huntsman cuts of part of her dress and makes it into a tunic over leather trousers – very Joan of Arc, which continues when she heads into battle in her custom-made sculpted armour.

snowwhite1 Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tagsnowwhite2 Cinema: The Costumes Of Snow White & The Huntsman %tag

Seriously I loved this film, granted we all know the story but this is action-packed and you won’t be disappointed. If you just see it for the costumes trust me it is worth it, I could seriously go on, and on about the wonderful work of Colleen Atwood I love every outfit that graced the screen. When researching the costumes I came across this fab video of the Academy award-winning costume designer discussing creating the costumes, it is really insightful and actually makes me want to see the film again!!!

[Pics: Universal Pictures/Snow White & The Huntsman]

Jun 04 2012

Prometheus: Charlize Theron In Christian Dior

IMG 7709 Prometheus: Charlize Theron In Christian Dior %tag

Who: Charlize Theron

Where: At the Prometheus UK premiere in London

Wearing: A strapless fully sequinned Christian Dior Couture cocktail dress with side split, teamed with Dior heels and Bulgari jewellery

Verdict: I haven’t been that wowed by Charlize Theron lately and she has had a lot of opportunities to shine with all the films she has been promoting, as well as Prometheus she is also starring in Snow White and the Huntsman. However, this Dior dress caught my eye, granted it isn’t the most showy of dresses for a premiere, but I am loving the midnight blue shimmer from the sequins.

It is a simple yet stunning look and the side split and the sheer hemline adds a bit of Charlize sexiness to it that is just right.

[Pic: PA for Fox UK]

Apr 03 2012

Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns

Guess2012 Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

2012 - 30 Sexy Years shot by Ellen von Unwerth

So Guess turns 30 this year and with the Claudia Schiffer taking the reins of the brand’s latest campaign, 23 years after originally posing for the label, it got me thinking about all the other Guess Girls over the years. This is a brand with clout, they’ve had more supermodels Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova back in the early 90′s, they’ve had actresses Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron and the most recently Amber Heard, they had an unrecognisable Anna Nicole Smith starring in a number of sultry campaigns, and they even had ads with party girl Paris Hilton back in 2004, oh and a 16-year-old Carla Bruni was the third Guess Girl in 1987.

As well as famous faces, Guess also love a good model from the gorgeous French model Laetitia Casta to Josie Maran who starred in one of my favourite campaigns, to a number of models who have gone onto become Victoria Secret’s angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, and in recent years we have had Line Gost, Elsa Hosk, Irina Shayk, and Alyssa Miller.

Claudia1989 Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

1989 - Claudia Schiffer shot by Ellen von Unwerth

Two decades later, Claudia Schiffer shot once again by Ellen von Unwerth, works the ’30 sexy years’ campaign for the anniversary collection, which comprises of 15 pieces inspired by the brand’s archive, updated with a modern twist. The capsule line will include high-waisted denim cigarette pants, lace bustier, and vintage tie-waist button-down tops.

DrewBarrymore Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

1993 - Drew Barrymore shot by Wayne Maser

annanicole Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

1992/3 - Anna Nicole Smith shot by Daniela Federici

How unrecognisable is Anna Nicole?? She was such a gorgeous model.

AmberHeard Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

2011/2 - Amber Heard shot by Ellen von Unwerth

As well as propelling the careers of many models, the iconic Guess campaigns have been shot by some of the best in the business, most notably Ellen von Unwerth, a former model who was just starting out when she shot for Guess, and Wayne Maser who captured the first campaign back in 1983. There has been the legendary Herb Ritts, Australian photographer Daniela Federici, Chuck Goodenough, Dewey Nicks, Pablo Alfaro, Raphael Mazzuccco, Yu Tsai, and even Bryan Adams snapped a number of Guess campaigns.

Josie Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

1998 - Josie Maran shot by Pablo Alfaro

I think this is one of my favourite campaigns, not only does Josie look gorgeous, but I love how simple the imagery is yet it still have the sexy Guess vibe to it.

elsahosk Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

2011 - Elsa Hosk shot by Ellen von Unwerth

Fransizka Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

2008 - Fransizka Frank shot by Bryan Adams

linegost Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

2007 - Line Gost shot by Bryan Adams

CarlaandParis Guess Girls: 30 Years Of Great Campaigns %tag

1987 - Carla Bruni shot by Wayne Maser/ 2006 - Paris Hilton shot by Ellen von Unwerth

These last two have to be the most bizarre for me, mainly because I forget that Carla Bruni was a model, and secondly Paris Hilton really does stand-out for all the wrong reasons as a Guess Girl, but apparently they were going for over-the-top young Hollywood glamour, still I don’t think this is a highlight of the 30 years!!!

Do you have a favourite Guess Girl?

[Pics: Guess, thefashionspot.com, Bryan Adams]

Jan 18 2012

BAFTA Tea Party: Charlize Theron In Stella McCartney

CharlizeStella BAFTA Tea Party: Charlize Theron In Stella McCartney %tag

Who: Charlize Theron

Where: At the BAFTA 18th annual awards season Tea Party at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles on Saturday

Wearing: A sleeveless yellow and grey lace brocade Stella McCartney cocktail dress with cut-out detailing on the bodice and a peplum from the pre-fall 2012 collection, teamed with Christian Louboutin heels and a Bottega Veneta clutch

Verdict: I know this was at the weekend but the Golden Globes took over and I forgot to post it but I am loving Charlize’s revival on the red carpet that I just had to include. I have to be honest I haven’t been that fussed by Charlize well that is until this award season, I loved her black lingerie-inspired Alexander McQueen and I fell in love with her Dior number at the Globes and this is another sleek look from her. Everything from the lace detailing to the vibrant colour just works so well with the sophistication of the pencil skirt falling just below-the-knee. Perfect attire for tea!!

[Pic: Stella McCartney Facebook]

Jan 17 2012

Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012 – My Best Dressed

SarahMichelleGellar1 Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

I always find it hard narrowing down my best dressed list, it is easier to say what I don’t like, as I fall in love a lot with red carpet gowns so naming just five is hard. Last year was a little easier because there was Olivia Wilde’s princess gown, Anne Hathaway as a gold goddess and Angelina Jolie in an emerald-green Atelier Versace, the only one to return this year’s red carpet. But here they are – in no particular order – as I couldn’t decide on an order!!

Statement Dress

Well there were a lot of boring gowns this year and for those who went for something a little bit different they really stood out for me as that is what award ceremonies are all about. For me the dress that made the most of a statement was Sarah Michelle Gellar’s gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown. This blue ink splotched ball gown made me swoon when I saw it on TV that I knew instantly that I had to include it. I know it is a controversial choice and for most this dress doesn’t work on her tiny frame but I kind of like that about it. Also she said her 2-year-old had a hand in picking it out – what a great a-list styling career she has ahead of her – this is a genius choice.


evanrachelwood1 Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

I couldn’t have a best-dressed list without including one of the hottest trends from this year’s awards the fishtail. I liked a lot from the classic style on Sofia to the sexiness of Reese, but for me Evan Rachel Wood’s edgy Gucci gown is just exquisite. Everything from the scale sequins to the feathered skirt and train, to the unusual dark green colour – it really is a knock-out gown.


Charlize11 Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

Couldn’t be a best dressed list with a romantic, fairy tale type dress, last year I went with the traditional princess ball gown of Olivia Wilde, this year is a little unconventional but still just as gorgeous, Charlize Theron and her dusky-pink Dior couture gown. I love the oversized bow, the sexy thigh-high split and plunging neckline, but most of all I love the vintage accessories and the colour is just perfection.

angelinajolie1 Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

The excitement was in the air at Angelina Jolie hitting the red carpet with Brad Pitt and she most certainly came prepared with a gorgeous Atelier Versace gown. What I loved the most about this gown, other than it being on Angie she never seems to get it wrong during award season, has to be how it fits her perfectly. I also adore the fashion-forward thinking of including the red flash at the neckline, it stops this dress looking a little dated, it also works superbly with her coordinated hot red lippy.

Young Starlets

bestdressed1 Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

I know technically I only have one spot left on my top five but I just couldn’t choose between the Hollywood starlets Emma Stone, Dianna Agron and Zooey Deschanel. Emma for me was all about the unusual pairing of purple and fuchsia in her Lanvin gown and of course that fierce eagle belt. I have to support Dianna for her excellent choice in wearing a Giles dress, not only was it the most intricate detailed dress on the red carpet, it was a huge risk for her to go for a relative unknown designer in terms of red carpet looks – but I am so glad she did as she is a vision in red. As my latest girl crush I had to include Zooey, not only did she have the best nails see below, but I was so pleased to see Prada on the Golden Globes red carpet again. What a way to return with a gorgeous green silk gown with an open back and pearl embroidered top – simply gorgeous.

zooeynails Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

Honorary Mention

tilda Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

I know I already over my top five but I had to include Tilda Swinton in Haider Ackermann, it is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine and she looks incredible. What I love so much about this tailored-suit shape has to be the ice-blue colour – so divine. Also a special mention has to go to her amazing Pomellato jewellery cuffs – HOT!!!

So who gets your vote for best dress – leave me a comment below and let me know.

pixel Red Carpet: Golden Globes 2012   My Best Dressed %tag

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