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Beauty: Inside Chanel – Marilyn Monroe and Chanel N°5

I recently just watched My Week With Marilyn and I have been completely memorised with the actress ever since, and I love that Chanel have made her the subject of its second installment of its Inside Chanel series.

This video centres around the lost audio footage of an interview the blonde bombshell gave in April 1960, where she answers “What do you wear to bed?” with the now famous quote “Why, Chanel N°5, of course”.

More than just reliving history, this is a gorgeous tribute to Monroe and her relationship with the brand, and I adore the way it creates the ideal that both Chanel N°5 and Monroe grew to legendary status together. This is a must watch video for all Chanel and Monroe fans.

[Pics/Video: Chanel]

Chanel N°5: Brad Pitt Leaves Me Underwhelmed

The wait is finally over, Chanel has released the eagerly anticipated ad for its Chanel N°5 fragrance, staring its first male face, Brad Pitt, and I have to admit other than his hair I am left underwhelmed.

Directed by Atonement and Anna Karenina film director Joe Wright, the 30 second ad shows Brad just talking to the camera, no action, no seduction, no glamour, I miss the opulence that Chanel normally brings.

Shot in black and white, granted Brad looks hot, reciting a poem in his soothing, husky tone: “It’s not a journey. Every journey ends, but we go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over, but wherever I go, there you are: my luck; my fate; my fortune. Chanel N°5, inevitable.”

Maybe it is the minimalist approach, but it just doesn’t wow me, I get the fact that it is highlighting Brad’s star power, his charisma, and that the poem is to stir up the emotions of wearing Chanel N°5, but does it compared to campaigns fronted by actresses Audrey Tautou, Nicole Kidman and Vanessa Paradis?

Let me know what you think – but seriously was this Brad Pitt ad really worth a reported fee of more than £4 million?


Chanel have released part two of ‘Wherever I Go’, there is a bit of glamour, but Brad you are still not rocking my world with this commercial.

[Image: Chanel]

Video Loving: Inside Chanel – The History of Chanel N°5

To tease us about Brad Pitt becoming the first male face to front a Chanel N°5 campaign, the luxury fashion house has released a short film chronicling the history of its iconic fragrance.

It details Coco Chanel’s vision for the scent, her aim to create “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent”, where she envisioned women to spritz the fragrance, and even how the scent got its name. If like me you love a history lesson, love seeing archived imagery from the bottle designs to the iconic ad campaigns then you will love this journey through Chanel’s archives.

Ending the film is a list of all the famous faces that have starred in a Chanel N°5 campaign, everyone from Nicole Kidman to Lauren Hutton and my favourite Audrey Tautou, and finishing off the prestigious list is the new face, Brad Pitt.

Brad’s first commercial for N°5, directed by Joe Wright, will debut on October 15 at 12.01am Paris time. I seriously can’t wait!!!!

Also if you have a chance head on over to Chanel’s digital archive, Inside Chanel, check out the timeline for the brand and see all the N°5 ad campaigns.

[Image: Chanel]

This Week: Chanel No5 Unique Product Placement

Pic: via WWD

Just catching up on some fashion news and I came across this amazing product placement by Chanel in WWD. From January 6 through to 28, an enormous Chanel No5 bottle will be covering 2,890 square feet of Paris’s Musée d’Orsay.

What a sight that is going to be from the Siene, as the advert/bottle is made entirely from 1,200 hand-assembled sequins, basically it is a very large version of the advert that you may have seen in some magazines.

What do you think of this advert sitting alongside the most amazing Impressionist paintings in the world? I think it is genius, I love it, and so wish that I could nip over the channel to Paris to see it up close. I bet it will shine in the sun and sparkle in the moonlight – gorgeous.