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Jan 23 2014

Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride

Elie saab couture Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride %tag

I love checking out the couture collections from Paris, as I am always in awe at the craftsmanship that goes into each piece, and I adore that no gown is too big when it comes to couture. Normally for the spring shows I am pairing up beautiful gowns with gorgeous actresses and hoping that they will wear on the Oscars red carpet, this year however being surrounded with wedding magazines getting inspiration for my own gown I thought I would share some couture bride inspiration.

Top of my wishlist, if I won the lottery, would have to be getting a wedding dress designed by Elie Saab, this man is a genius and his spring 2014 collection was another stunning scene of decadent elegance, gown after gown was just beautiful and the bridal moments were stunning.

The final gown above literally took my breath away when I was watching the live-stream, everything from the off-white hue to the exquisite embroidered detailing and voluminous silhouette – simply stunning. Just imagine how magical it would be to wear a dress like this on your wedding day, you could rest assured that no-one would be stealing your spotlight!!!

Elie saab couture  Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride %tag Valentino Couture Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride %tag

As well as Elie Saab, the ethereal musical Valentino gown really caught my eye, so it doesn’t scream traditional bridal gown but there is something about that I think would work for a wedding, especially if you have a love of music.

Other gorgeous dresses that I loved included Dior’s simple-yet-modern gown with its textured perforation dot design, the statement peplum gown from Alexis Mabille’s exquisite collection, and the delicate lace embroidered Valentino gown that will never go out of fashion. Also how divine is this heavily embellished white gown by Georges Hobeika – so swoon worthy!!!

Dior alexis mabille valenti Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride %tag georges hobeika Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride %tag

As well as the divine, couture weeks also showcases the flamboyant and more out-there of pieces, including some that could work for some very confident brides. How about the showgirl look from Jean Paul Gaultier or how about walking down the aisle in Stéphane Rolland’s white jumpsuit with wings?

If you won the lottery – which Couture bride would you be?

Gaultier rolland Wedding Inspiration: The Couture Bride %tag[Pics: Elie Saab, Valentino, Style.com]

Aug 11 2011

Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll

gracebride2 Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll %tag

I have known for a while that Grace Kelly was to be immortalised as a Barbie doll, what I didn’t realise is how much I would want the Grace Kelly The Bride Doll. I have to admit I adore Grace Kelly, if ever there is a true style icon in my opinion it has to be her, she always dressed elegantly and had an air of sophistication about her, and I loved the V&A exhibition Grace Kelly: A Style Icon, and I would so love to add this beauty to my Barbie collection.

gracebride Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll %tag

Mattel are releasing three Grace Kelly Barbie’s this year all designed by Robert Best. The first is a replica of one her character’s most memorable looks, the Grace Kelly To Catch a Thief doll, $34.95, she wears a ruched one-shoulder blue chiffon gown, accessorised with a scarf and clutch, and the Barbie is finished with her blond hair, styled in an upswept chignon, I also love this Barbie!!

Second up is this Silkstone Grace Kelly Bride, $175; and then following in October is Grace Kelly The Romance Doll, $135, which features two of her best-known outfits, including the fabulous floral-print dress she wore in Cannes and met Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

gracebride3 Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll %tag

I didn’t get excited about this collection until I saw this gorgeous bride doll, I love the others, but I do love a Barbie bride and this one is exquisite. This dress has been recreated to capture every detail from her gorgeous gown that she wore to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco on April 19th, 1956. From the fitted torso adorned with a row of pearly buttons down the front, to the tight waist sash and billowing skirt, and the lengthy train with its lace detailing, it even has her long tulle veil trimmed in lace. The bride also carries a small ivory prayer book in one hand and a Lily of the Valley bouquet in the other.

gracebride1 Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll %tag

gracebride5 Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll %tag

But you have to look at this doll closely as even her make-up and jewellery is perfection, her pearl earrings add a sophisticated final touch to a beautiful Barbie.

I know she is a lot of money at $175, and especially when you add up the cost of getting the collection, but seen as I missed out on purchasing the final Vera Wang Bride maybe I can treat myself. I just wish that Mattel would bring out these beauties closer to June *my birthday* or Christmas!!

If I wasn’t convinced before I saw the pictures, I am now I know that next February there is going to be  Rear Window Grace Kelly doll, that is only one of my favourite films.

Any other Barbie lovers considering buying this beauty?

GRACE KELLY REX 1878471a Barbie Lust: Grace Kelly The Bride Doll %tag

[Pics: Barbie Collector]
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