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Apr 14 2014

Wedding: I Have Said YES To My Dress

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It is a daunting task searching for ‘the’ wedding dress, I have to be honest the process scared the hell out me. I think it because you have lots of things running through your head – from excitement to dread, to the realisation that you are actually getting married, to worrying that you won’t find anything that fits or that makes you look beautiful.

The stress kind of drifts away when you actual get to the bridal boutique and spot a gown you love. Then questions like can I afford it, will it look good in 10 years time in the wedding photographs, will I be comfortable all day long, and will I still love it in 6 months time when it finally comes in – to be honest if you have to ask yourself these questions for too long, I don’t think you have found the ‘one’.

It is a hard choice, come on it is rare that a wedding dress isn’t pretty, OK sometimes it might not suit you, but never is it not beautiful, and wearing something gorgeous can make it hard to say no to. It is moments like this where your bridal salon really needs to step in and steer you in the right direction. I went to about 6 salons in total both in London and around the Cambridge area where I live and I have to say that half were dreadful. It is why I really need to stress don’t just do research on the dresses you like but also on where to shop, ask your friends where they went, who do your wedding venue recommend and check out reviews on bridal forums – trust me finding a great boutique will save you time, probably money and make it more enjoyable.

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I am not an expert in how to make wedding dress shopping perfect, but I can tell you a few tips that I picked up from my experience, which was probably a little more rushed than most brides-to-be as for some reason I didn’t realise that the lead-time was so long, some designers need up to 9 months to get your dress to you.

Underwear: Don’t try on dresses in full on Spanks, maybe you feel that you need it but most dresses come with their own support inside and if you are going for dresses that suit your silhouette you probably won’t need anyway. Just go for a nude strapless bra and comfortable knickers, I think a thong might scare the bridal assistant. I would also suggest going for a bra fitting before you go so you are wearing the right bra size.

Make-up: Don’t go overboard, try to go as natural as possible, while still feeling and looking pretty. This can be hard, it was for me, but some salons might ask you take it off so you don’t damage any of the dresses. I saw a bride-to-be who got fake tan all over a dress she was trying on and the salon was not amused. Unless you say yes to the dress on your first visit you can always return with a little more make-up and extra special hair to really get a wedding day feel when you try on your dress for the second time.

Honesty: If you don’t have a set idea on what you want tell them what you definitely don’t want. I felt like I knew what I didn’t want more than what I did and it really helped the consultant find me dresses that would work for me. Also be aware that your consultant isn’t going to be offended if you don’t like the dress, don’t just yes to them all, I found by saying what I loved, what I didn’t like, and what I wish it had really helped narrow down the selection.

Don’t Worry: This is hard, especially if you have tried on 10 dresses and not found anything you like, trust me if there is a dress out there for me, there is for you as well. I found that with each dress I tried on the more I realised what I wanted and I just needed to track it down. Worrying can also come with having a set dress in mind and it not looking good on, go in with an open mind, ask your consultant to pull something that she thinks would look good, and try to enjoy the experience.

Sit, Shimmy & Walk: This might sound silly but make sure that you sit down in your dress, dance a little bit, and go for a walk around the boutique. I found a great dress that I couldn’t sit down in and unless you are standing all day long it isn’t very practical. I also found walking around made me spot other things I loved or didn’t like about the dress, the way the sparkle caught the light, the detailing on the back, or that it felt too heavy, some dresses are uncomfortable to walk and dance in.

Price: Tell them your budget before you try on any dresses, trying on a dress way out of your price range and falling in love with it can be heartbreaking. Also take in to account alterations, nearly all dresses will need some adjustment whether the hem, the train or to nip in a little at the bust, ask the salon for prices. Also don’t be afraid to ask if there are any discounts, they can only say no, but the dress you like might be available at a trunk show at a later date so might be worth waiting. I would also suggest calling around to other stockists as I found my dress was priced differently everywhere I tried it on.

Trust Your Own Opinion: Having friends and family with you to make the decision is great, they can really help narrow the shortlist, but at the end of the day you will be the one wearing it all day – your opinion, whether you a paying for it or not is the most important. I also think too many people makes it more difficult. I actually went just with my mum and shared a few pics with my closest friends, but in the end I made the final decision.

Surprise: When you have found the ‘one’ you will want to tell everyone which beauty you have picked, don’t, I think it spoils the surprise of the day especially if they are joining you on your special day. It is hard keeping it a secret, I am even keeping all the customisations to my dress a surprise for my Mum, I really want it to be a special moment when she sees it on the day. I promise come November when I get married I will share pics of my dress but for now all I will say is that it has an Old Hollywood glamour about it.

My biggest tip for wedding dress shopping is to enjoy yourself, it really is a wonderful moment, tiring and draining – those dresses are heavy, but the most fun ever and when you find the ‘one’ you won’t stop smiling.

Still looking for inspiration before shopping? Why not check out my wedding dress inspiration board on Pinterest.
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Jan 10 2014

Wedding Inspiration: Would You Wear A Jumpsuit On Your Big Day?

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I said from the start, like two weeks ago, that I didn’t want to go for a traditional wedding gown – don’t get me wrong I still want to make a statement and be a pretty bride but I don’t think a long flowing train and veil is right for a New York City Hall wedding – so what about a jumpsuit as a fun alternative?

So jumpsuits have been getting a lot of love over the past couple of years on the red carpet, I have often gushed how Diane Kruger and Rose Byrne have made a jumpsuit look gorgeous – but I never thought that the trend would make its way into bridal fashion.

Well J.Crew have decided to mix things up with their Eyelash Lace Jumpsuit (£750), made in a delicate lace with bow details and sheer sleeves to add a touch of femininity to the look. They also do a short shimmering sequinned romper if you decided that the jumpsuit is for you but you would rather show off your fabulous pins.

For a registry office, city hall elopement, or just for a quirky bride I think this look might work – and it does really marry the ‘I do’ and the party aspect of a wedding perfectly – but I don’t think this trend is for me.

What do you think would you wear a jumpsuit on your big day? 

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Shop J.Crew’s bridal collection:

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[Pics: J.Crew]

Aug 16 2011

Ad Campaign: Oscar de la Renta Bridal 2012

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I know I am verging on becoming a bridezilla, without actually being engaged or planning a wedding, but I just could resist sharing this gorgeous image from the Oscar de la Renta Bridal campaign for 2012.

I adore OdlR, from the runway to the red carpet, and if I could afford any dress I wanted for my big day *one day it will happen* then it would definitely be between Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta. I love this gorgeous silk organza ruched sweetheart bodice gown in soft pink mainly because of the exquisite piped organza cascading ruffle skirt – it is jaw-droppingly stunning!

This campaign shot is simply divine, the dress works perfectly against the blossom, and I know that Kim Kardashian is going Vera for her big day this weekend but she would have looked stunning in this gown.

Aug 13 2011

Bridal Beauty: Alberta Ferretti Forever

13 Scarlett Bridal Beauty: Alberta Ferretti Forever %tag

I don’t know why but I have come over a little broody about weddings; maybe it is because of all the high profile weddings with a couple of Royal affairs, Kate Moss finally becoming Kate Hince, and even Daniel Craig tied the knot even though I didn’t know he was dating Rachel Weitz this summer; or maybe it is because I am obsessing about the Grace Kelly Bridal Barbie. I just don’t know what it is but I even nearly bought a wedding magazine the other day!!

I should also quickly add a disclaimer for my boyfriend, no I am not pressurising you to propose, one day would be nice, but I just couldn’t not blog about these gorgeous dresses.

This is Alberta Ferretti’s second bridal collection ‘White Carpet’, and consists of 13 dresses which are all sheer perfection, with each being named after a Hollywood movie star.

I am quite taken with ‘Scarlett’ at the top, with its long lace sleeves, voluminous skirt, and that dramalicious silk-tulle veil with Chantilly lace and a crystal hem – gorgeous!! If ever there was an Oscar-winning wedding dress this beauty would be it, no need to worry about the bridesmaids taking the spotlight with this gown.

3 Audrey Bridal Beauty: Alberta Ferretti Forever %tag

After something a bit more delicate and romantic? Then you are probably after the ‘Audrey’, with its empire line dress adorned with floral embroidery made from gems, satin and chiffon petals to the front.

4 Mia Bridal Beauty: Alberta Ferretti Forever %tag

Then there is ‘Mia’, completely different again with its shorter skirt length and sheer embroidered train, it kind of breaks away from tradition slightly.

11 Nicole Bridal Beauty: Alberta Ferretti Forever %tag

My second favourite is this ‘Nicole’ wedding gown, I think it is because it is so different, I love that it is Twenties-inspired with a headscarf replacing the tiara and the floaty ethereal skirt. Actually this dress is quite hippy isn’t it. I don’t think it reminds me much of Nicole Kidman though, but it is a stunning dress.

The other gowns are named: Greta, Marilyn, Liz, Ava, Claudia, Catherine, Isabelle, Michelle, and Penelope, and each has its own sense of femininity, different in silhouette and volume, but still just as stunning as the next.

The wedding dresses will be available from November, with prices starting at £1,700 and reaching £7,500 *bet you that is for Scarlett*. But considering the dresses are hand sewn in Italy and each take between 30 and 80 hours to complete that is a great price.

“I believe that every woman on her wedding day wants to feel like a diva wearing a beautiful dreamy dress. Just like how the Hollywood movie stars create an important presence in red carpet gowns, I also want my brides to feel unique and special in the dresses that I have created for them. This is what I love to call white carpet.” Alberta Ferretti

Also how gorgeous does Poppy Delevigne look in these black and white shots??? Love!!!

Apr 14 2011

Doll Loving: Barbie Wears Her Last Vera Wang

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I do love bridal Barbie’s and you can’t get better than one wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown.  This is Vera’s third and final collectable Barbie, and if you ask me the most gorgeous one of all. Based on the exquisite Dovima wedding gown, it features a strapless bodice and mermaid-style waist, flowing into a full skirt. Barbie is one lucky doll, this is bridal couture at its very best.

As a Gold Label doll there are no more than 2,500 worldwide, which is probably why, sadly I won’t be lucky enough to get one, also it has a hefty price tag at $159.95. The Vera Wang Bride: The Traditionalist Barbie Doll goes on sale today at Barbie Collector, get in quick though as they only have 1,000 available, and if you are lucky enough to snag one your beautiful bride will be with you in July.

To celebrate this being the last in the Vera Wang series, BarbieCollector.com has also announced that this doll will be available to personalise; choose from the Vera Wang monogram for the package, or personalise the package with one letter-pressed monogram initial applied to the front of the doll box, at no additional charge, oh I so wish that this Barbie could be mine.

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Jan 23 2011

In Love With Wu: Jason Wu Bridal At Net-a-Porter

163697 490365328089 45415668089 6058851 5656975 n In Love With Wu: Jason Wu Bridal At Net a Porter %tag

Jason Wu bridal has come to Net-a-Porter.com and it is gorgeous. My favourite piece has to be this simple-yet-elegant bow-embellished silk-faille dress - utterly stunning. If I was to get married, and to be honest it doesn’t look likely for some time, I would like to think I could pull off a dress like this.

So if you are getting married and love this dress, it can be yours for £2,170, which isn’t bad for a designer wedding dress.

163697 490365323089 45415668089 6058850 4552639 n In Love With Wu: Jason Wu Bridal At Net a Porter %tag

Want something that will create more of an entrance? Look no further than Jason Wu’s tiered ivory tulle gown, with its wrap-effect bodice and fine pleats through creating an exquisite silhouette. Again, reasonably priced *for designer* at £4,565.

163697 490365313089 45415668089 6058848 2341040 n In Love With Wu: Jason Wu Bridal At Net a Porter %tag

Not really into dresses and live in separates fear not as Jason Wu has just the pieces for you.

How about teaming this gorgeous Ostritch feather-embellished cotton skirt, £1,400, with a floral embroidered sheer tulle overlay ivory silk tank, £1,335 – such a great romantic pairing.

Jason Wu I love you!!

[Pics: Net-a-Porter]
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