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Jun 14 2011

My Style: Birthday Dinner – A Floral Delight

birthday11 My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

It was my birthday earlier this month, and things have been crazy since then with press days, deadlines and having builders in the house ripping out my bathrooms. I am new to this posting of outfits but I really liked this one, this is probably not going to happen again for a while, but I felt even with the delay that this outfit deserved to be posted.

birthday4 My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

I don’t know about you but I always treat myself to a new birthday outfit, and as Paulie was taking me to dinner with my mum to a fancy restaurant I thought summery and girlie was the way to go. So I went for this two-piece from New Look and teamed it with my new Love Label mackintosh extreme wedges from Very *which they kindly gifted to me at their press day*.

birthday21 My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

birthday31 My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

What I love most is the floral print, I am not sure if they do it in a dress but I thought that the New Look gold button floral vest and the belted flower skirt worked together, and I like how the tan belt nips in my waist. Special attention has to go to those wedges, they are much higher than I would normally go for, but it felt good walking on stilts all night!!!

birthday6 My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

birthday5 My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

As well as my outfit I thought I would share my amazing dinner at Browns in Cambridge, the best bit had to be the delicious toffee sticky pudding – so good I nearly forgot to snap it!!!

birthday dinner My Style: Birthday Dinner   A Floral Delight  %tag

*As the saying goes ‘behind every style blogger is a hen-pecked boyfriend’, once again my style pics were taken by Paulie*

Jun 12 2011

Vintage Loving: My Singer Sewing Machine

singer5 Vintage Loving: My Singer Sewing Machine %tag

I am not a car-booter, I like the idea that someone else’s crap is my vintage beauty but I never thought it would actually come true. Well my first experience at a car boot since I was little and used to go with my Nanna and Grandad and I came across this gorgeous Singer sewing machine.

There are two things I have always said I wanted, one being a classic Singer, and the other being an old-fashioned typewriter, so you can imagine how much I wanted this beauty as soon as I saw it.

singer4 Vintage Loving: My Singer Sewing Machine %tag

In complete working order and with a case I seriously thought I had gone to heaven, it is so perfect and it was such a bargain as it was only £24.

singer6 Vintage Loving: My Singer Sewing Machine %tag

So as soon as I got it home I had to find out more about it and what makes Singer so great for an amateur like me is that they put serial numbers that tells you everything about it. My beauty has a single letter prefix, a letter F, which means that it was made in Clydebank, Scotland, and dates back to the year 1914!!!

singer3 Vintage Loving: My Singer Sewing Machine %tag

singer1 Vintage Loving: My Singer Sewing Machine %tag

Who knew when we parked in a field near Ely that we would come home with one seriously heavy sewing machine, such a find. It was made better that when we went to an antique shop later on that day they had one that didn’t have as much detailing on as mine and it was on sale for £75, so I think we did well.

Jun 06 2011

Gigi Vintage: Is 7 Your Lucky Number?

gigi4 500x356 Gigi Vintage: Is 7 Your Lucky Number? %tag

Well it happens to be mine!! I was very excited about my birthday last week, so it feels only fair to share the love and tell you all about Gigi Vintage’s first birthday celebrations tomorrow, June 7.

From 7-7 tomorrow the vintage clothing and accessories store will be it selling its Birthday Collection for just £7 an item, I know crazy right. What makes it even better is that every item is an original handpicked vintage piece, which means that you will be getting an absolute bargain.

day21 500x396 Gigi Vintage: Is 7 Your Lucky Number? %tag

I have seen some of the items, all gorgeous, which includes a floral midi skirt, a summery yellow polka dot shirt *LOVE*, daisy print playsuit, leopard print maxi, and stars and stripes shorts.

So set your alarm and hit up the vintage bargains from 7am, but be quick the £7 bargains will gone by 7pm!

Jun 02 2011

Daily Shop: Perfect Birthday Dress

MSskatedress Daily Shop: Perfect Birthday Dress %tag

I know I have kind of overdone my Birthday posts/tweets, sad I know but I still get excited by all the treats my loved ones surprise me with, well I thought I would dedicate daily shop to it as well.

I love skater dresses, as any silhouette that nips in at the waist and kicks out for the skirt is a great in my opinion. This is a great dress from Miss Selfridge, £42, the colour, the shape and team it with wedges and a straw bag and it will be summer perfection.

May 31 2011

Birthday Wishlist: Swarovski Moo Cow Figurines

sunshine mo 1 Birthday Wishlist: Swarovski Moo Cow Figurines %tag

Sunshine Mo

There are a number of things I love, Barbie’s obviously being one of them, and another great love has to be Moo Cows. So you can imagine my excitement when I found these beauties from Swarovski – what I can’t believe is that I haven’t seen these sooner!!

Part of the The Lovlots series, Sunshine Mo, a limited edition online special is the latest in the collection, and I love her. A cute ray of sunshine, this moo cow figurine sparkles in vibrant Jonquil crystal has Peridot crystal horns and light smoked Topaz crystal ears, and is finished off with a beautiful necklace in a tropical crystal colours. CUTE!!!

Be quick my loved ones as this tropical cow is only available while stocks last. If like me you are in love, Sunshine Mo is only on sale online in 23 countries, luckily UK is in the mix, and best of all she is only £47, not bad for a piece of Swarovski. I am already clearing off a space on my shelf!!

charming mo Birthday Wishlist: Swarovski Moo Cow Figurines %tag

Charming Mo

Sunshine Mo sits nicely alongside her sisters: Charming Mo, limited edition figurine available just for 2011, with her Crystal Satin horns, her vibrant Kakadu Red crystal body, and a colourful necklace with a  removable Crystal Moonlight heart charm, £150; Belle Mo, in Lavender crystal adorned with a floral pattern, horns made from Medium Sapphire crystal with eyes in Jet crystal and finished off with a gorgeous White Opal crystal bell, £150; and Missy Mo, who is a simple-yet-elegant beauty made of clear crystal and features a bell around her neck and her eyes are in Jet Hematite crystal, £47.

Belle mo Birthday Wishlist: Swarovski Moo Cow Figurines %tag

Belle Mo

missy mo1 Birthday Wishlist: Swarovski Moo Cow Figurines %tag

Missy Mo

I really think I have found something else to collect – I want them all!!

May 31 2010

Yeah I’m Off To Paris

Yeah I’m finally off to Paris, to check out the sites, walk the streets, people watch in the cafes, go up the Eiffel Tower and hopefully get myself a designer present.

I must admit the thought of going to the fashion capital of the world did bring the fear that none of my clothes would fit the bill. So that could only mean one thing – before I  set off on my romantic birthday trip I needed to do some shopping.

Well first up had to be my Birthday frock – yep I am one of those peeps that has to treat myself  – so I’ve gone for the French Connection Miu Miu inspired dress. I wanted to find some shoeboots to team with it but had no luck so going to have to find something in my shoes – thinking my ribbon-tie shoes. The ruffle sleeves mean no coat or cardie will go over so I’ve gone for a trusted pasmina to keep the night chill at bay.

I am not sure why but when I think of Paris footwear it has to be one of two things – the higher the better or plimsoll tennis shoes, Don’t ask my why, maybe it is all to do with one of my favourite movies, American in Paris. I was inspired to buy some  black pumps – these Tamsin Latice ones from Topshop were perfect, and a bargain at only £15.

Normally on a city break I resign myself to a staple of jeans and t-shirts, but with it being Paris I have decided dresses have to be the way forward, this is a city with style and I am going to try and make the effort!! So like everyone else I have been on the maxi dress hunt to find the perfect one, hoping that it doesn’t make me look pregnant, not too see-through and long enough. I admit I love the tribal and flower print maxi dresses – but hey they aren’t the most flattering – so I have gone for a basic, classic even, a black vest jersey maxi from New Look.

To complete my packing I’ve gone for a lot of dresses, skirts, cute tees and a super maxi skirt which I am considering travelling in. We’re going by Eurostar and as it is my birthday we’re going first class, and I understand that travel has to be comfortable but a little style won’t hurt.

It is going to be a great couple of days, checking out the museums, eating great food, shopping, as well as visiting YSL exhibition which I am so excited about.

Adventures of Paris coming when I get back…until then have fun.

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