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Beauty: Betty Boop “Just say it with the eyes”

Oooh my favourite animated screen siren, after Jessica Rabbit, Betty Boop is starring in Lancome’s latest short film with model Daria Werbowy, and she is teaching the Polish beauty a thing or two about acting and apparently it is all in the eyes.

I have to be honest I always wanted Jessica Rabbit’s curvaceous figure, but come on I can’t be the only one who wanted Betty Boop’s incredible eyelashes, so really she is the perfect star for Lancome’s new mascara, Hypnose Star.

This is a cute film directed by Joann Sfar, I love that you see a different side of model Daria, I am not going to lie acting isn’t her strongest attribute, but she really is charming alongside Betty Boop, who just looks stunning in her trademark little black dress look with her garter on show, not looking bad for an 82 year-old!!!!

Do you reckon using Lancome’s Hypnose Star I can finally achieve my dreams of Betty Boop lashes? I sure hope so, check out the film below and let me know what you think.


[Pics: via Lancome YouTube]