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Jan 23 2015

Wearable Tech: The Knomo Elektonista Digital Clutch

knomo-elektronista-clutch-1I’ve had many interesting debates lately regarding wearable tech, nearly everyone I have spoken to says they aren’t convinced because nearly all think that the wearable tech products out there might be useful but they are also ugly, bulky or just too geeky to even want to wear.

Generally, this talk is directed to those smartwatches, which can read your e-mails, track your fitness, and even make phone calls, obviously not on their own! But there is much more to wearable tech than watches, there are also sci-fi like glasses from Google, which totally needs a lot more work to make them cool, as well as technology embedded into clothing, and even rings that vibrant to inform you of your notifications. Basically wearable technology can be anything that incorporates functional, portable electronics and computers into your daily life, which I am totally on board with, if only technology could work with fashion more to make them appealing.

There aren’t many I can rave about, even the Apple watch doesn’t really make that huge leap to fashionable as well as functional for me, so I am so pleased that Knomo has launched something that is useful, organised, as well as fashionable with its Elektronista digital clutch with Danish blogger Christiane Vejlø.


This really is my kind of wearable tech, as at first glance this looks like any other black bag, it has chic gold finishings and is in the dreamiest leather, but if you look closer it folds out into an organiser for your digital devices, basically it carries everything you need to carry your desk with you on the go, which is very handy for a fashion blogger.

It has pockets for your tablet, it fits my 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S, smartphone, my cables, travel card, make-up, notepad, business cards, cash in a handy detachable purse, bank cards, and even space for a pen, which I love as no matter how techie my life gets you can’t beat writing down your thoughts with pen and paper.

Oh and I nearly forgot the best bit, the clutch comes with an in-built Knomo 3000mAh battery and charging cable, so you can keep your devices charged up on the go, which I definitely will be using a lot during fashion week next month. I carry with me on a day-to-day basic a battery charger for my devices and this battery pack means I don’t have to do that, and unlike other portable chargers I have used this one is fast, has more than one charge in it, and is light.


It has the same feel as my Knomo Knomad Mini, except it is a little bigger, comes with a battery pack, and it zips into a luxurious clutch that I can wear over my shoulder, cross-body, or as a clutch, which is great when you go straight from the office to an evening event or date.

What surprised me about the Elektronista Clutch is how much you can fit in it, as well as the pockets once it is zipped up it acts like any other bag, I took it into London the other day and it fitted my book in easily as well as my diary without it being too heavy to carry or lose its shape.

At the moment it only comes in black and only with the gold chain strap, I spoke to Knomo and Christiane at the launch and there is talk for more colours and just a plain leather strap, which I think will make this bag appeal to more people. I have even tried to make mine more my own by accessorising it with my monogrammed tags that I bought in New York from Kate Spade Saturday, I just think they add something personal to this bag that makes it even more special, especially because I use it all the time.

I have to be honest, I love black, I wear black a lot, but I think I would like this beauty to be available in all the colours of the rainbow!!!

What are your thoughts on wearable tech?

knomo-elektronista-clutch-9 (2) knomo-elektronista-clutch11knomo-elektronista-clutch-3

**I was gifted the Knomo Elektronista Clutch but as always my opinions are my own**

Apr 04 2014

Bag Loving: The Elie Saab Satchel

Elie-saab-bags-ss-6When I think of Elie Saab, I think gorgeous gowns, exquisite detailing, and one of my favourite red carpet designers, one think I don’t think about is that they do handbags, and it seems like I have been missing out.

I have really been embracing smaller handbags lately, from my bright yellow Rebecca Minkoff to my dinky Anya Hindmarch Tiny Tim, and I am always on the look out for another little beauty to add to my collection and I just spotted this gorgeous satchel style from Elie Saab with its chain shoulder strap. Everything about this mini bag screams classic elegance and when looking for a new designer bag I want something that will look modern past the current season, it is an investment after all.

These leather satchels designed with a floral palette tone for spring/summer 2014 are gorgeous, I love that even though there are only six styles each one is in a striking classic colourway from emerald-green to jasmine white. If I had to pick a favourite I think it would have to be deep raspberry, not only is the colour pure Barbie perfection but the piping detailing really adds a modern touch to a classic style.

Which colour would you go for?Elie-saab-bags-ss-7 Elie-saab-bags-ss-5 Elie-saab-bags-ss14

Nov 27 2013

Bag Lust: Anya Hindmarch Is Out Of This World


Regular readers will know that I go weak at the knees for a great handbag, they are my thing to collect, well after Barbie, and I have every single one of Anya Hindmarch’s Out of this World collection for spring/summer 2014 on my wishlist.

Featuring some of the designer’s best-loved styles, the SS14 collection has been given a colourful makeover – with shimmering metallics, vibrant yellows, exotic-coloured skins, and the most fabulous contrasting oversized tassels that kind of looked like they should be holding back curtains.

I am a huge fan of Anya’s tote’s, the yellow beauty with a sky blue tassel was one of my favourites, but I just adored the Area 51 vintage vibe UFO prints on the clutches and the ‘Roslyn’ evening bag. I also had a soft spot for the smiley face logo tote with “Have a nice Day. Thank you!” on it and the matchbox clutches.

I recently added a cute Anya Hindmarch bag to my collection called the Tiny Tim, I promise to show you this little beauty soon, but I am already lusting over my next purchase and I think it might have to be one of the Maxi Zip satchels.

Are you a fan of Anya Hindmarch?

SS14-anya-hindmarch-14 SS14-anya-hindmarch-6 SS14-anya-hindmarch-7 SS14-anya-hindmarch-9 SS14-anya-hindmarch-4 SS14-anya-hindmarch-10 SS14-anya-hindmarch-8 SS14-anya-hindmarch-3 SS14-anya-hindmarch-5 SS14-anya-hindmarch-16 SS14-anya-hindmarch-21 SS14-anya-hindmarch-17 SS14-anya-hindmarch-18

A few of my favourite Anya Hindmarch bags in store now:

Aug 28 2013

Bag Lust: The Victoria Beckham Seven


Handbags get me every time, I’m always lusting over at least one, whether it’s an emerging designer such as Sophie Hulme or just a great bag I have seen on the high street – I’m always on the look out for my next purchase.

There is just something about carrying a new bag that gives me a great feeling – I have to be honest I’m more about handbags than shoes.

I’m a lover of bright coloured bags, I have pink, blue and even yellow, but not an acid yellow one. This mini-tote by Victoria Beckham is so lust worthy, I love the invigorating pop of colour, the sports-luxe vibe to it with it being a bowling bag, and I adore the matte-leather.

Now if only this gorgeous Victoria Beckham ‘Seven’ bowling bag was a little more in my price range, at £1,175 I think this beauty is just for my dreams – but oh boy what great dreams I will have with this on my arm!!!

Are you a fan of Victoria Beckham’s handbag collection?


Aug 07 2013

Doll Loving: Coach Barbie & She Has The Most Adorable Teeny-Tiny Bag


It really has been a busy week for Barbie, first the fashionista was given a London makeover by emerging fashion designers Sister by Sibling, Fred Butler and Nasir Mazhar, and now my favourite doll has been decked out head-to-toe in Coach.

The very chic Coach Barbie is sporting pieces from the American label’s spring/summer 2013 collection and is wearing a miniature checked tailored Tattersall trench coat, over a striped jumper and a red ultrasuede skirt, inspired by the brand’s archival Bonnie Cashin designs complete with tiny turnlocks that it is famed for.

But it is her accessories that have got me really excited as not only is she wearing Coach’s gorgeous round ‘Patty’ sunglasses, and statement colourblock Tristen sandals, but she is carrying her first ever genuine leather accessory, the brand’s classic red Duffle bag, which was created in the same factories and with the same materials as Coach’s life-sized consumer handbags.

Seriously swoon – I am just sad that the Duffle bag is so small that I won’t be able to borrow it!!!

Do you like Coach Barbie? Will you buying her?

Coach-Barbie-3 Coach-Barbie-4 Coach-Barbie-2 Coach-Barbie-5 Coach-Barbie-6 Coach-Barbie-8

Coach Barbie is a Gold Label doll, and only 13,000 dolls have been produced, she is $95 and can be bought online at Coach or through Barbie Collector. I have also heard that the doll will be available at selected Coach stores worldwide including the New Bond Street flagship – but no UK price, but I reckon it will probably be £95 as that is generally how it goes.

I of course will have to add her to my collection, I am a sucker for a bag after all, I just wish they had gone for the yellow one above – maybe that will come separately!!!

If you do fancy dressing like Barbie – I have found a few of the items that she is wearing:

[Pics: Mattel]

Jul 18 2013

My Style: Summer Loving In My Mickey Tee


I have finally started to embrace this gorgeous weather. At first it was a case of how long is it going to last, the insecurities of showing the world my bare legs, and generally not having anything suitable – winter layering has been needed for too long this year.

I have already expressed my love of the denim skirt, and yes I have already blogged this beauty from Zara, but wearing skirts with tees is fast becoming my summer staple, which is surprising as in recent years my wardrobe has been filled with dresses.

Last week I popped into Primark, the newer one at the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street in London, and I found this cool Mickey tee I just had to have. Only £6, this beauty is the perfect summer tee, it is light, fun, and comfortable – I love the rolled up sleeves. I have this boyfriend-style tee in nearly every colour and I have raved a lot about them to my friends as they are a great wardrobe staple and can be dressed up or down.

While in Primark I also picked up these pink flats, I have been looking for a pink pair of sandals for a while and couldn’t quite find the right style, I am not a fan of the thong between my toes, and these ones priced £3.50 are not only a bargain, they are super comfortable, haven’t rubbed me and are great for just throwing on in this heat.

The final piece of this outfit that I loving is this adorable blue Paul Costelloe bag that my Mum bought me as part of my birthday present. I am gathering quite a collection of super cute tiny bags, there is something nice about scaling back on all the crap I usual cart around with me – and this bag is perfect for the weekend as it fits in my phone, purse, beauty essentials, keys, as well as my Canon PowerShotN for those inspiration moments on the go.

How has your style been dealing with the hot weather?

fb-style-mickey-teefashionista-barbie-mickey-tfb-style-mickey-tee-4 fb-style-mickey-tee-3

My Style: Mickey boyfriend tee, Primark (similar one here via Asos) // Ripped denim skirt, Zara // Blue bag, Paul Costelloe (gift from my Mum) // Pink flats, Primark // Glasses, Retro54 //



Jun 24 2013

Bag Lust: Coach’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Preview


I always ‘um and ah’ about posting press day pictures, I worry that they will come across as lazy posts, but I have been going over some of my pictures from my autumn/winter 2013 showroom visits and I had to share what’s coming up for American label, Coach.

For me, bags are the ultimate designer purchase, granted some do cost a couple of hundred pounds but each and every one, especially if they are made of leather and are classic in their design, make great investments – not just in financial terms but also for your wardrobe.

Just this weekend I reorganised the mountain of bags I own, each in their own dust bag, each padded to keep their shape, and each looking nearly as good as the day I bought or was given it. I generally stick to classic shapes, so the current ‘It’ bag isn’t for me, but that doesn’t mean just neutral colours my collection is filled with vibrant blues, pinks, and reds, as well as a number of black, tan and even a white one – basically I look at handbags as a great way to jazz up an outfit so collecting all the colours in the rainbow is definitely a goal.


One brand not currently represented in my collection is Coach, which I most certainly need to look into immediately – especially after seeing their impressive autumn/winter 2013 collection.

One of the pieces that really stood out for me at the press day, other than all the tassels, had to be this gorgeous mustard yellow bag, which kind of reminds me of a modern-day take of a Doctors bag. I love everything from the colour to the silver clasps, the large size and the textured leather.

Now I am not sure on the price, but I am going to guess that it is around the £500 mark, sounds a lot but just think how many pieces in your wardrobe this beauty would enhance. It would perfectly go with a little black dress, jeans and a white shirt, or even a floral jumpsuit. I know black might be the preferred choice when it comes to handbags but I really do love a colourful bag.

The rest of the collection was just as lust worthy, filled with vibrant reds, exquisite textured pieces, vibrant prints, and even a hot pink clutch that has also been added to my wishlist.

If you haven’t checked out Coach’s flagship on New Bond Street in London, or on Regent Street – do – this is a brand filled with options from adorable clutches to fashion week super-sized totes and best of all they generally come in every shade of the colour spectrum – so there is always something to suit your mood.

Are you a Coach fan? Do let me know which style you are lusting over…


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