Mar 20 2014

Wedding Inspiration: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

HM Conscious 1 Wedding Inspiration: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection %tagThis week I have been pre-occupied with my own wedding dress shopping, hitting the boutiques, twirling in David’s Bridal, and talking to designers on a few custom options – but one place I hadn’t considered was the high street. This isn’t because I don’t think there is anything I would like, I am sure for my untraditional wedding there probably is, but I think like most brides-to-be I just dismissed it without even considering – well the lookbook for H&M’s new Conscious Exclusive collection, in collaboration with the sustainable fashion and design think-tank EVER Manifesto, will have a lot of people thinking otherwise.

I am not suggesting that these dresses are worthy of a full-on church wedding, I am thinking more registry offices, destination weddings, as well as city elopements. The gown that had me gushing, as well as a making me a little jealous that I had already sorted my New York gown out, has to be the exquisite tiered Organic cotton floor-length gown with lace detailing – it is simply gorgeous and at 399 Euros this will add drama to anyone’s big day without breaking the bank.

HM Conscious 3 Wedding Inspiration: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection %tag HM Conscious 2 Wedding Inspiration: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection %tag

For a beach wedding, or even a dress to slip into for the reception I love this long-sleeved lace beauty with its high neckline and scallop-edge detailing for 179 Euros, it really makes a statement with the added cape-style necklace made from recycled plastic for 129 Euros.

After non-traditional white, well the collection delivers, how about a striking midnight blue lace-effect gown with a dip-hemline for 199 Euros or the floaty nude ruffle gown that is perfect for a tropical wedding and at 149 Euros it is a bargain price.

It just shows that you might have to look in the most unlikely places to find your perfect wedding dress, if you fancy one of these keep April 10 free as the collection rolls out across 150 selected H&M stores worldwide, think the major flagships, as well as online.

I really love this collection, I think I might have to try on that gorgeous tiered lace wedding gown – those T-shirt style sleeves are cute.

What are you thoughts on wearing a H&M wedding gown?

HM Conscious 4 Wedding Inspiration: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection %tag HM Conscious 5 Wedding Inspiration: H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection %tag[Pics: H&M]

Mar 20 2014

Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue

puffytakesparis 3 Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue %tag

The other day I was a very un-intellectual conversation with one of my good friends about Sean Combs aka P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy, yep the guy who has more name changes than Prince, about remembering how before Kanye West he was the hip-hop guy that fashion loved to hate, or in my friend and I’s case – just love, love, love!!!

You see we were kind of more obsessed with his swagger, his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, come on I don’t think J-Lo would have worn that incredible tropical printed Versace gown if she hadn’t been with him, oh and I can’t forget how much I loved his MTV Making the Band show – come you remember Danity Kane.

Well all this reminiscing got me thinking back to an editorial Diddy starred in alongside Kate Moss in US Vogue styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Annie Leibovitz back in 1999 ‘Puffy Takes Paris’ – at the time I loved how the shoot mixes Haute Couture pieces from Chanel and Christian Dior with the gorgeous Paris backdrop and hip-hop elements of the large furs, and bling, bling and more bling.

To be honest the whole shoot still looks amazing. As well as Diddy and Kate doing a great job – the editorial also features Karl  Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Jean Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano in one of the pictures – just how Puffy rolled in Paris back in 1999 I suppose.

Does anyone else remember this editorial? Or is just me with my teenage crush on P Diddy’s swagger?

puffytakesparis 1 Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue %tag puffytakesparis 5 Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue %tag puffytakesparis 4 Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue %tag puffytakesparis 2 Editorial Flashback: Puffy Takes Paris For US Vogue %tag[Pics: Vogue US via]

Mar 18 2014

Visual Stories: Introducing eBay Collections

ebay collections Visual Stories: Introducing eBay Collections %tag

There is something about eBay, whether it is the thrill in chasing a bargain, the high of tracking down something rare, or the pleasure you get from buying something completely random that you never thought you wanted but now can’t live without. I go through spells of addiction with eBay, from searching for the latest Barbie doll or the one that got away, I am talking about you Vera Wang Barbie, to a new cover for my mobile, to picking up supplies to make my own bracelets – I just love that no matter what you are after, whether fashion, beauty or technology, there is always at least one person selling what you are looking for.

Recently I have been working with eBay to try out their new fab shoppable ‘eBay Collections’ feature, which handily places all the things you are stalking into handy groups. In my case one dedicated to handbags, kitty fashion – because who doesn’t love a cat jumper , and even one for all the fashion books I still haven’t had chance to add to my book shelves. Basically it is just a cool feature that makes it easier to watch all the items you want to snap up or showcase the pieces you are selling.

I really like the pinnable-vibe of the new feature, anything where I get to curate my own space I am totally in, and it is so easy to do – just search out the products you are after, get scrolling through, and then simply click ‘add to collection’ on the products you want. It just makes it easier to search out the bargain as once in your ‘collection’ you can then look through all your wanted items and click straight through to buy. If you don’t believe me on how simple it is, give it ago – all you need to get started is an eBay account, and come on everyone has one of those!!!

You will also notice that the profile pages are a little different, less anonymous and much more personal and more like other social media platforms – you can personalise with a piccie, a background and even a few words about yourself – plus you can follow your favourite people, hint hint me, and see what they are adding in their collections. It is fun seeing what other people are crushing on, obsessing over, and desperately trying to track down –  trust me you can lose a couple of hours getting inspiration from other peoples collections.

Check out my first 12 collections here and don’t forget to share with me on Twitter and Facebook what let you have your eye on.

Sponsored post in collaboration with eBay

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Mar 16 2014

Noah Berlin Premiere: Emma Watson In Wes Gordon

Emma Watson Noah Berlin 6 Noah Berlin Premiere: Emma Watson In Wes Gordon %tagWho: Emma Watson

Where: At the premiere of Paramount Pictures’ ‘Noah’ in Berlin, Germany

Wearing: A navy tulle chiffon Wes Gordon floor-length gown with a racer back and bow back-detailing from the spring/summer 2014 collection, teamed with Christian Louboutin and black stud earrings and layered rings

Verdict: I am having a bit of a girl crush on Emma Watson lately, not so much the Oscars that Vera Wang was a little blah, but every other red carpet she has hit this year she has been edgy, sexy and different. I always think it must be hard for young starlets, red carpet is so important to becoming a big star in Hollywood, and I love that Emma always looks at ease and enjoys taking chances with her style.

For some this look might seem a little plain, I have to disagree I love the sexy-sporty vibe of this statuesque look – everything from the colour, that blue is divine, to the chiffon bow and racer back – not only does she look incredible in it but she is really working the edgy slicked-back hair and bold red lippy to make this a great overall look.

Is it just me gushing over this look? I really can’t wait to see what else Emma Watson wears on this Noah promo tour.

Emma Watson Noah Berlin 2 Noah Berlin Premiere: Emma Watson In Wes Gordon %tag Emma Watson Noah Berlin 1 Noah Berlin Premiere: Emma Watson In Wes Gordon %tag Emma Watson Noah Berlin 3 Noah Berlin Premiere: Emma Watson In Wes Gordon %tag[Pics: courtesy of Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]

Mar 14 2014

Video Loving: Moi By Miss Piggy

I do love Miss Piggy, not only is she the best diva in Hollywood with great style, but she also knows how to laugh at herself and this is one great example with her parody commercial to promote her new line ‘Moi’ for QVC.

Yep, a Muppet is getting their own lifestyle line, but that’s not what I love it is this video that made me laugh hysterically – it literally showcases all the pretentious poses and scenes from all the great fashion and beauty adverts set in an opulent mansion. I love it when the rose petals makes Miss Piggy have a coughing fit.

Seriously if this doesn’t cheer you up – I don’t know what will – now cue the hair flicking!!!

Mar 11 2014

Boomf: Insta-Memories On Marshmallows

boomf Boomf: Insta Memories On Marshmallows %tag

I am a sucker for anything personalised – whether that’s mini photobooks, canvas prints, cookies, or even cute stickers – well it seems that I can now add marshmallows to the list. I was introduced to Boomf during London Fashion Week, I think I must have eaten a good box or two of their delicious vanilla flavoured marshmallows that the team said that I could put together my own box of memories using snaps from my Instagram feed.

So I set about selecting which of snaps I wanted to eat, which I totally didn’t think about too closely as each picture I chose from my Dad to my engagement ring and even my wedding venue to my kittie JD came out looking too good to eat. I know Boomf bill themselves as the edible selfie but I just couldn’t eat them – silly I know.

The process of selecting is easy – Boomf literally pulls the images you select directly from your Instagram feed, plus if you want to make these as a gift you can also select images from your Instagram followers. With Mother’s Day coming I think it might be nice to get my mum some bite sized goodies of her pictures, with a few of my face of course!!!

You get nine marshmallows in each box and I would recommend going for Instagram snaps with mainly light backgrounds – my raspberry heart was one of the best to come out – plus remember that they aren’t going to come out perfect they are printing on marshmallow treats!!!

What would you print on your marshmallows?

Mar 10 2014

Doll Loving: A Blake Lively Barbie Doll…Well Sort Of

Barbie Zuhair Murad  Doll Loving:  A Blake Lively Barbie Doll...Well Sort Of %tag

I have always thought that Blake Lively with her model looks and blonde hair would make a great Barbie doll, well it seems so did Mattel, in a round about way. My favourite doll is getting her latest designer makeover and this time it is red carpet favourite Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Murad, who is known for being one of Jennifer Lopez’s go-to designers.

His work is always edgy, sexy and divine, and one of my favourite looks over the past few years has got to be when Blake Lively wore one of his creations to the ‘Savages’ premiere and channelled Old Hollywood glamour with a striking Art Deco-inspired black and blush mermaid couture gown.

Well it seems that was one of Barbie’s favourites as well as the dramatic striped geometric design has been made pint-size for her limited edition red carpet-ready look. I just wish they had finished off the look with Blake’s retro waves than the boring updo and this Barbie would have been perfection. But that is the tiniest of flaws – I need this collectable doll in my collection.

I wonder what Blake thinks of her mini-me.

Want one of these limited-edition dolls for yourself? The Zuhair Murad Barbie will set you back $75 – you might have to wait a while though as it is already on back order at

Barbie Zuhair Murad Doll Loving:  A Blake Lively Barbie Doll...Well Sort Of %tag

pixel Doll Loving:  A Blake Lively Barbie Doll...Well Sort Of %tag

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