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Summer Styling The Classic White Shirt

When it comes to white shirts, I have one of two ways I love to wear, with a pair of blue jeans and an optional blazer, or in the summer with a cute skirt and flats. It’s not that the white shirt can’t be worn any other way, quite the contrary, but these are my two go-to looks, and the source of two of my favourite Pinterest boards. You see, today’s look is kind of like my homage to the greats, think Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly, two incredible actresses that really worked the stylish white button-downs with skirts, then you had


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7 Things You Need To Buy From Mango Now

For the past few seasons every influencer on Instagram it seems has been a little addicted with Zara, we just can’t get enough of this Spanish retailer can we, well, I think Mango is certainly giving Zara a run for its money to take the best fashion high street store crown, as it really has been killing it with its affordable fast fashion lately and I’ve picked out the hot 7 pieces you’re going to need to add to your wardrobe now. First up, the accessories section is insanely good, I basically wanted to buy it all last time I


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My Go-To Summer Uniform – The Denim Skirt

Do you find that you have different uniforms you wear without realising for the different seasons? Like for winter, my go-to looks are all about chunky knits, skinny jeans and ankle boots, and when it comes to my summer uniform I generally go straight to my denim skirts and stripy tops. No matter the trends, some pieces in my wardrobe, I like to call them staples always comes out, no matter what, and the denim skirt is one of my ultimate summer staples that I wear on repeat.  Denim generally features quite heavily in my wardrobe, whether that’s ripped skinny


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My Whimsical Wedding Guest Style

What to wear to a wedding as a guest is one of those tricky style questions we all go through. You have to consider so many things when putting together your wedding guest look, what’s the venue like, the atmosphere, will it involve a lot of dancing, tons of food, and will you need to walk from the ceremony to the reception, you know the important things, as well as what will everyone else be wearing.  For me, I love the opportunity to get something a little different, while still being respectful to the occasion, as well as keeping to my personal style.