Interiors: Inside Grace Coddington’s Apartment

Interiors: Inside Grace Coddington’s Apartment

My obsession for Grace Coddington is high, more so now that I also know she is a collector, sorry I meant to say fellow hoarder!!! Whereas my walls and rooms seem to be filled with Barbie dolls, cows, elephants, stationery, delicate bone china and cats – it seems everyone’s favourite Vogue editor has taken her love affair with felines to a whole new level and I love it.

If you didn’t already know that Grace loves cats, one where have you been, and two you need to read her memoirs there is a whole chapter dedicated to kitties. Not only does she have the cutest cat ever, Bart looks pretty comfortable on that Chanel blanket, but I also love that she has cats dotted all over her home from kitty cushions to incredible ceramic cat-shaped tea pots, which have just gone to the top of my wish list.

As well as the kitty love, her love for English crockery is clear in her stacks of mis-matched plates, cups and jugs, and I adore how she has all her mainly black-and-white art work on display, especially in the bedroom on a ledge around the top of the wall – that idea is definitely going into my ‘forever’ house interior folder on Pinterest.

Check out the accompanying interview with the editor, who I can’t believe turned 73 this month, and find about her up-coming auction she is doing with

I wish Grace Coddington could come and give my little abode an interior makeover – I just love how eclectic her home looks while still being down-to-earth and lived in. 

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[Pics: via WSJ]