Boomf: Insta-Memories On Marshmallows


I am a sucker for anything personalised – whether that’s mini photobooks, canvas prints, cookies, or even cute stickers – well it seems that I can now add marshmallows to the list. I was introduced to Boomf during London Fashion Week, I think I must have eaten a good box or two of their delicious vanilla flavoured marshmallows that the team said that I could put together my own box of memories using snaps from my Instagram feed.

So I set about selecting which of snaps I wanted to eat, which I totally didn’t think about too closely as each picture I chose from my Dad to my engagement ring and even my wedding venue to my kittie JD came out looking too good to eat. I know Boomf bill themselves as the edible selfie but I just couldn’t eat them – silly I know.

The process of selecting is easy – Boomf literally pulls the images you select directly from your Instagram feed, plus if you want to make these as a gift you can also select images from your Instagram followers. With Mother’s Day coming I think it might be nice to get my mum some bite sized goodies of her pictures, with a few of my face of course!!!

You get nine marshmallows in each box and I would recommend going for Instagram snaps with mainly light backgrounds – my raspberry heart was one of the best to come out – plus remember that they aren’t going to come out perfect they are printing on marshmallow treats!!!

What would you print on your marshmallows?