Technology: Staying Connected With EE MiFi

EE-MIFI-2Being connected is super important for bloggers, it’s more than just having great contacts, of course that is needed, but keeping connected on-the-go is probably more important. I wrote a blog before London Fashion Week on my top tips for a blogger on the move and EE got in touch for me to try out their Huawei MIFi device, which can connect up to 10 devices from smartphones to iPads, laptops and even your WiFi enabled cameras all at 4GEE speeds. I have a 4GEE smartphone and I couldn’t go back to a normal phone contract, and now it seems I can’t live without my MiFi.

I used this little device throughout fashion week – I connected my iPad, my camera and even my mobile to Instagram pictures and videos, pin images to pinterest, write blogs, edit images, and catch-up with my e-mails, the news, and my social media feed while I was out of the office. To say it was a godsend is an understatement.

In the past I have tried mobile dongles but the connectivity has always been sketchy at best – this little beauty even worked in the middle of the Norfolk Broads – I was super impressed and it meant that I could be confident about doing my work without having to rush back to the office.

To utilise my new found internet freedom I decided to pimp my iPad out with a cute little keyboard, I know everyone is about embracing the touch screen but I just find everything easier and quicker when I can type it. I picked this Logitech keyboard up from John Lewis for £69.95, it was actually cheaper than buying it in the Apple store. As well as providing me with keys to type it also has a handy stand to make my iPad into a makeshift laptop.

Another great thing about connecting on the go – lots of teas, hot chocolates, and iced buns!!!

Have you tried out EE MIFi?


**Thanks to EE for the loan**