I’ve Been Transformed Into A Bora Aksu Girl

I’ve Been Transformed Into A Bora Aksu Girl

Since I started Fashionista Barbie nearly four years ago I have experience amazing things, been whisked away on press trips, met incredible people, and been sent such gorgeous gifts, but never have I received a thank you quite like the one that Bora Aksu kindly sent over.

What I love other than the fact I have been made into a Bora girl, wearing one of the designer’s spring/summer 2014 pieces that he showed at London Fashion Week last month, is that this industry keeps on making me grateful to be a part of it.

I am blessed in what I do, I get to write about fashion, attend fashion week, and generally gush and day-dream about beautiful clothes – I am not for one second saying it is easy, there are challenges like with any industry, but when you get a thank you like this it makes it all worth it!!!

As well as being an incredible designer Bora is an amazing illustrator, follow him on Instagram where he shares his stunning drawings, and it is so nice that he found the time to thank me for coming to his show and featuring his stunning collection on my blog.

There has been a lot of negativity about bloggers, there real worth in the industry especially during fashion week, and if they even deserve to attend – when a designer goes out of his way to say thank you in such a personal way, he even made my glasses stylish, it really does give me that added confidence to say ‘hell yeah’ I deserve to be here!!!

It just shows that in an industry as fast-paced as this that there is always time to say thank you – and if you do it in a personalised sketch you will make someone’s day.

Thanks Bora for making me part of your incredible army!!!