Cover Loving: Diane Kruger For Glamour Paris & C California Style


So my girl crush Diane Kruger has scored herself another couple of magazine covers with equal love for Chanel on both of them. The first is Glamour Paris where the actress rocks a whole lot of Chanel bling and the second is for C California Style magazine wearing a gorgeous black and white ensemble. As well as being a little Chanel overload, I know she is the face of their new beauty campaign, I get the feeling that The Bridge star loves styling her hair to the side!!!

I think out of the two covers Glamour Paris shot by Jason Kim just pips it. Even though it is a beauty special the magazine didn’t go for a cute, girlie close-up, they went for an edgy, attitude-filled image that verges slightly into trashy territory. For me, this cover is brash and OTT and I love, for some I think there will be too much bling.

The accompanying editorial is cute and quirky, with Diane showing off her model features while having make-up applied. Her eyes on the second shot are incredible!!!

There is a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, check it out here, where Diane rocks a number of other Chanel looks including a gold chained belt – I hope that there is also a fashion shoot within the magazine as well.


More high-fashion and more prim and proper is the cover of C California Style magazine. Don’t get me wrong it is a great cover, but it doesn’t blow me away as much as the incredible editorial. Shot by Matthias Vriens-McGrath, I love the monochrome styling of the shoot, Diane looks elegant in gowns by Dior, Prada, and Altuzarra. With my favourite being that stunning backless Balenciaga gown.

Both covers and both editorials are so different, it is the reason I love to see Diane Kruger on the pages of magazines as much as I do on the red carpet as you know it will also be amazing.

Are you a fan of her jewellery-heavy Glamour Paris cover or is the elegant black and white Chanel dress for C California Style more your taste?

C-Magazine-Diane-Kruger-2 C-Magazine-Diane-Kruger-7 C-Magazine-Diane-Kruger-5

[Pics: Glamour Paris/C California Style]