LFW SS14: Ashish – Sequins And Coca-Cola

LFW SS14: Ashish – Sequins And Coca-Cola

There is something about Ashish that gets everyone excited, maybe it is all the sequins, maybe it is the loud, fun soundtrack, which this season included Madonna’s ‘Get Into The Groove’, or the fact this label never seems to take fashion too serious – whatever it is this is one of LFW’s most anticipated shows among the cool kids.

Like with all their collections, the spring/summer 2014 drew the fashion pack in like shiny things to a magpie, with its fun and sparkly luxe sportswear pieces that were inspired by the corner shop, Arabic writing, and Coca-Cola, with a tribal/Viking mash-up.

The items that got most people talking had to be the sequinned grocery bags with Ashish’s humorous take on supermarket logos from striped carrier bags covered in sequins, to a green version with ‘S&M’ for ‘M&S’ and ‘Disco’ rather than Tesco. These were teamed with ripped and torn denim, which of course were dipped in sequins, studded slippers worn with mismatched socks, and lots of chunky jewellery.

My favourite pieces other than the Coca-Cola clad sequinned vests, which were in reference to Ashish’s ultimate hangover remedy for his party girl, had to be the sporty-glam striped sequinned polo T-shirts, the oversized tops with Arabic writing spelling out ‘Thanks for coming’ and ‘Love’ and the striped white shirt with draped open back with ‘Best Wishes’ around the cuff and hemline.

It was OTT, very colourful, and saw Ashish continuing his aesthetic joke on consumer culture – but was it anything new – I don’t think so – but it seems the cool kids don’t care.

What do you think of Ashish’s latest collection?

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