Video Loving: J.Crew Shares Its ‘Shiny Ponies’

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Shoe addicts you have to watch this adorable short film from J.Crew with their gorgeous creative director Jenna Lyons discussing her love of shoes, she has 289 pairs and counting, and how the brand makes their fabulous footwear collections.

I am not as shoe obsessed as some, granted I have a lot of pairs, but sky-high heels aren’t always my thing but I do love to look at them, admire them on other people, and there are some beauties in this film, especially the ones that Jenna describes as “business at the front, party at the back” – they are simply divine.

I am in love with the ‘Etta’ seen in this video, the term ‘shiny pony’ and Jenna – oh and generally everything about J.Crew – I can’t wait for the store to open on Regent Street, London later this year.

“Shoes are like fairies… with that little magical piece that finishes everything” – Jenna Lyons.

[Pics: J.Crew]