Interview: Catherine Kallon – The Fabulous Blogger Behind Red Carpet Fashion Awards


I dabble in red carpet celebrity fashion, and when I say dabble I like to do the award season, anything Diane Kruger because I love her, the Met Gala and the odd premiere throughout the year if a look wows me, but Catherine Kallon’s Red Carpet Fashion Awards is the only blog around to get up-to-date, accurate and honest commentary of literally every red carpet look you could wish for – near enough 365 days of the year. Basically Catherine is a machine when it comes to blogging celebrity looks!!!

When I was putting together a list of who I wanted to interview for my 360 perspective of the award season – from the fashion publicist, to the celebrity stylist, and the critic’s point of view, there was only one choice in my head for the critic and that was Catherine. It wasn’t easy, Catherine is one extremely busy blogger, with fashion month, award season, and just generally running a huge website she doesn’t have much time, but I caught up with her before she jetted off to Los Angeles to attend this year’s Oscars and I love that I was able to promote one of my favourite bloggers.

I chatted with her about the background to RCFA, who she is looking forward to seeing at The Oscars, as well as her incredible collaboration with Roland Mouret, who has designed her a custom-made dress for the big night.

Can you tell me about your fashion background and why you decided to set up your blog, Red Carpet Fashion Awards?

Catherine: “I didn’t have any fashion background. I started Red Carpet Fashion Awards in 2007, when I was a bored PA working in the football industry. I had a brief stint at an event management company who had fashion clients, but was made redundant when the recession hit.

“I used to surf several fashion websites at work and I was surprised at how often the credits for designers were wrong. The reason there is a runway image next to a red carpet image always served as proof that the credit to the designer is correct.”

Can you describe a typical day at Red Carpet Fashion Awards?

I get up at around 7/8am. Browse all the picture agencies to see what events happened the night before.  I then select which ones I want to feature on the site. Put them in order and start to write-up the blog post.

“After receiving them all back from my proofreader, I will then start putting the pictures together and scheduling them to upload at either 20min or 30min intervals throughout the day – depending on how busy the day is. This sounds like it should take up to 2 hours tops, but I’m a big procrastinator and I get easily distracted by my Google reader and twitter as I am always looking for new content.

“The rest of the day is spent going through emails, trying to ensure I eat something before 4pm and going to Bikram Yoga at least once a day. I don’t have any food in my house so it forces me to leave my house at least once a day.  Its surprises how time flies when you are on the net.”

I know that you cover red carpet nearly 365 days a year but what extra preparation do you do for the Award Season?

I take a long walk just before the show starts to clear my head and I have something stodgy like pasta as fuel food.” 

From Golden Globes to The Oscars and BAFTAs – which award show do you get most excited about? And why?

I do love all those listed, but on occasion they can be a bit of a let-down fashion-wise, as celebs play it safe as no one wants to be on the worst dressed list. There is so much riding on what a celebrity is wearing that I was told that the wrong dress actually affects the box office. I didn’t realise so much more than the celebrity and the designers pride was at stake.

“The Vanity Fair party usually outshines the Oscars for me. But the Oscars is the one I get most excited about. I remember watching it as a kid and thinking that all the women were princesses. I have been hooked ever since.” 

Jennifer Lawrence, Dior

Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes

Which celebrity are you most looking forward to seeing at The Oscars? And what would you like to see them wearing?

Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence. Even though I have moaned about Jennifer through-out awards season I am hoping she makes me eat my words on Oscar night.” 

Which designers do you love seeing on the red carpet?

“My bling kings are Elie Saab and Naeem Khan. Edgier designers like Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu I love and you can’t beat the classics for pure romanticism like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera.” 

What I love about your site is the honest reviews – have you ever been asked to take down a blog post? Or for that matter include someone you didn’t feel right for the site?

Yes I was asked once to take down a post of Courtney Love. I wasn’t surprised because she looked a mess. I was surprised the brand loaned it to her.” 

This award season is extra special as Roland Mouret is dressing you for The Oscars – how did that collaboration come together?

His PR team contacted me one afternoon telling me that Roland Mouret wanted to take me to the Oscars, and that he would be dressing me. I kid you not I almost fainted. He wanted to thank me for all the support I had given him over the years and it was also his idea to get the readers involved which was genius.

“I was nervous at first, but considering that they all love my blog, I knew that they had great tastes.”

The chosen design and fabric for Catherine's dress

The chosen design and fabric for Catherine’s dress

I like that your readers have voted from everything from the colour to your accessories and even your hairstyle – are you scared about what you might be wearing?

No, I have seen the gown after a few fittings and it is so beautiful. I would’ve picked the fuchsia pink, which in hindsight would’ve been pretty generic. The coral jacquard the readers picked for me is divine. I love the way it shimmers. It’s going to look amazing on the red carpet with the Californian sunshine beaming down on it. I can’t wait.”

Of course I couldn’t let Catherine get away without asking a few personal questions – I wanted to know about her favourite pieces in her wardrobe, what she likes to do to relax, and her blog recommendations.

What three items in your wardrobe can’t you live without?

My Isabel Marant ‘Bobby’ boots, Mih Jeans and Victoria’s Secret push up bras.” 

What are you currently addicted to? 

“Crime dramas ‘Castle’, ‘White Collar’ and ‘CSI Las Vegas’. I am an undercover pop music fan. I love anything from Taylor Swift to N’Sync. My neighbours will often head to work hearing ‘Bye Bye Bye’ playing from my iTunes and I am not ashamed of it.

If you could steal the style of one person who would it be?

“I have my moments. I go from wanting to look perfect like Dita von Teese, but that level of perfection would be exhausting, so I would say Solange Knowles as she loves colours and prints as much as I do. I’m also a big fan of Victoria Beckham’s style.” 

Which three blogs would you recommend?

“I like Fashionista for fashion news. London Grumblr and 99 Problems But A Pitch Aint One for pure laughter and entertainment.”

**Many thanks to Catherine, always super busy but still found the time to answer my questions, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter for up-to-date celebrity fashion.**

[Pics: Catherine Kallon/Red Carpet Fashion Awards & Dior]
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