Award Season: Beauty – How To Get Golden Globe Worthy Pins


Lea Michele in Elie Saab

One of the biggest trends at this year’s Golden Globes was a thigh-high split, with stars including Lea Michele, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Eva Longoria embracing the trend and adding a touch of glamour to the red carpet with their smooth pins.

But how do these beauties get thigh-high split worthy legs? Well I’ve been chatted with Venus and Braun Beauty Nathalie Eleni to find out her tips on achieving smooth legs worthy of a red carpet.


Miranda Kerr in Zuhair Murad

De-Fuzz: First step is by achieving smooth, hair free skin, which means investing in a Braun Silk-épil 7 Epilator, which according to Nathalie is the best tool for long-lasting hair-removal as it “gently removes hair directly from the root as short as a 0.5mm” and it can be done ahead of the main event.

But what if you have missed a spot, which happens to be all the time, don’t worry Nathalie says, “for last minute touch ups on the night, I always make sure I carry a Venus razor in my kit bag”.

Exfoliate: Once legs are hair free then you have to get your scrub on, yes I am being literal, I can’t recommend exfoliating legs more, especially during winter, and Nathalie agrees, “concentrate on your knees, exfoliating them to remove dry skin and ensuring you use a rich body cream to prevent any gray tinges or discolouration”.

I love: Soap & Glory, Flake Away, £7 – as well as making my legs super smooth it smells incredible.

Tan: Showing that much leg means that pasty white is probably not the best idea, so now that your skin is all prepped you can add a summery glow, Nathalie suggest “using a subtle, self-tanning mousse which can be easily applied with little or no fuss at all”.

I love: I am not great at self-tanning but I do love a glow on my legs and my favourite has to be St.Tropez Perfect Legs, £10 – it easy to use and when I get a little close it blends really well.

Next, to help create the illusion of beautifully long, celeb-worthy legs, use a gold-based illuminating cream.  Nathalie suggests massaging “from the top of your legs, down to the shins to lengthen the appearance and enhance their shape”.

I love: Soap & Glory, Glow Lotion, £5.50 – which not only smells great but adds a subtle shimmer to your pins.

Imperfections: If like me you are covered in bruises, Nathalie says “hide any imperfections by dabbing on some concealer and finish with a light dusting of bronzer. Go for a soft, shimmery powder that is couple of shades darker than your natural skin colour. Use a lighter coloured shimmer for your shins, dusting gently down the front of your legs for a celebrity sheen”.

Four easy steps to great legs – now how do I go about getting a red carpet worthy gown to go with them!!!


Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci

[Pics: Emilio Pucci Elie Saab / Zuhair Murad]