Christmas Cheer: The Dream House Is All Festive

Christmas-tree-2012-10Ever since I was little Christmas has been a special time of year, it was a time of year that my Mum made very special, filled with festive fun and treats. From decorating the tree, to wandering around Manchester seeing the lights, shopping for gifts, and putting together the party food for the family gatherings – Christmas was/is such a fun time of year for my family, and each year it is topped off with the most amazing stocking that my Mum puts together – seriously a miniature can of Coke has never tasted so good.

Gone are the regular trips home, I still do before and after the big day, but now Christmas is at home with my boyfriend and I love that we've started our own festive traditions, which basically involves Paulie letting me get as giddy as possible around the holidays. We watch as many Christmas movies as Xmas24 has to offer, I bake up a feast, this year is all about chocolate brownies, Victoria sponge cakes, and of course mince pies, we find an ice skating rink, we try and visit reindeers, which each year gets harder to find, and my favourite of our traditions is going bowling and watching this year's festive film at the cinema on Christmas Eve before we get out the party food.


One of my favourite festive rituals has to be decorating the tree, I am not someone who goes for themes, more about putting together a variety of baubles and decorations that all have a memory attached to them, and each year I add a few more to the collection. I have decorations that my Mum has passed down, including a very fluffy angel that sadly my cat JD seems to love, named snow globes, a host of stars, a pretty ballerina, a gorgeous fairy for the top of the tree, and new this year are some Japanese inspired baubles that caught my eye from John Lewis.

Christmas-tree-2012-9 Christmas-tree-2012-8Christmas-tree-2012-13 Christmas-tree-2012-12 Christmas-tree-2012-4 Christmas-tree-2012-7 Christmas-tree-2012-2


As well as our main tree I also like an alternative, smaller tree for the dining room, and this year it is a modern silver tree holding baubles depicting the 12 days of Christmas, just something a little different for a centre piece for my table.

Christmas-2012-2 Christmas-2012-4 Christmas-2012-6Christmas-2012-7 Christmas-2012-8 Christmas-2012-13Do you have traditions for the holiday season? And how do you dress up your house to get yourself in the mood for Christmas?