Teaser: The Beyonce Documentary Is Coming

Beyonce and I have had an on-off relationship over the years, I wasn’t a huge Destiny’s Child fan, I just didn’t get the hype, then I went a little crazy for her solo career – I absolutely love Crazy In Love and Single Ladies, and then when it was all about her power couple hook-up with Jay-Z I kind of tuned out, but since Queen Bee joined Instagram and became the ultimate style blogger I have been mesmerised, so I was super excited to hear about her up-coming documentary.

The autobiographical documentary, which will be airing on American TV channel HBO in February, not only stars Beyonce but is directed by her, seriously is there nothing she can’t do?

There isn’t a name for the film yet but it is being touted as ‘Raw. Real. Revealed.’ – the most intimate look into Beyonces life. I am expecting an all-access look at Beyonce’s life from living with husband Jay-Z to her live shows and everything in between – basically I am after a film version of her instagram feed!!!

I don’t know about you but I am super excited to see it – this teaser is insane – fingers crossed it gets picked up here in the UK.


Are you a Beyonce fan and are you excited to see her documentary?

[Pics: @baddiebey]
  • Marin

    Really looking forward to seeing this. She was such a warm, lovely character when I met her last year so it would be great to see a bit more! Also a little birdy in the form of one of her team members tells me it’s going to be the best yet!