Video Loving: Inside Chanel – The History of Chanel N°5

To tease us about Brad Pitt becoming the first male face to front a Chanel N°5 campaign, the luxury fashion house has released a short film chronicling the history of its iconic fragrance.

It details Coco Chanel’s vision for the scent, her aim to create “a woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent”, where she envisioned women to spritz the fragrance, and even how the scent got its name. If like me you love a history lesson, love seeing archived imagery from the bottle designs to the iconic ad campaigns then you will love this journey through Chanel’s archives.

Ending the film is a list of all the famous faces that have starred in a Chanel N°5 campaign, everyone from Nicole Kidman to Lauren Hutton and my favourite Audrey Tautou, and finishing off the prestigious list is the new face, Brad Pitt.

Brad’s first commercial for N°5, directed by Joe Wright, will debut on October 15 at 12.01am Paris time. I seriously can’t wait!!!!

Also if you have a chance head on over to Chanel’s digital archive, Inside Chanel, check out the timeline for the brand and see all the N°5 ad campaigns.

[Image: Chanel]