Doll Loving: The Stephen Burrows Pazette Barbie

Ooh I do love an over-the-top Barbie doll and I think you will agree they don’t get any more glamorous than this gorgeous doll designed by New York Fashion Week designer Stephen Burrows.

Inspired by Josephine Baker and Stephen Burrows muse and model Pat Cleveland, Barbie has entered the dazzling world of a retro showgirl with her latest look as Pazette Barbie and I adore her.  Lots of feathers, a hint of sexy with the nude bodysuit, and as you would expect from a showgirl lots of bling with silver glitter, rhinestones and sequin embellishments adorning her suit. This is one hot Barbie!!!

Barbie is renowned for making a show-stopping entrance, I don’t think any have been bigger than this, just for the silver headpiece with cascading white feathers alone I need this Barbie in my life, oh and I can’t forget to mention those amazing nude and silver platform heels – serious a girl could get jealous of shoes like that.

Retailing for $100, Barbie Pazette is only available through, and I seriously need her in my collection.

What do you think – do you like Barbie Pazette?

[Pics: Mattel]
  • Icewhere didyabuy

    I love this Barbie! Finally! A black barbie with a bit of glitz, glamour and pezaz! LOVE IT . I want to be Barbie pazette! xx