LFW SS13: My London Fashion Week Essentials…Well Some Of Them

Today is London Fashion Week eve, which can only mean that I am in a slight panic over my wardrobe options, doing last minute shopping, organising my schedule, chasing last minute tickets, and most importantly laying out all the essentials I need to carry around with me.

I wont bore you in detail in how much I carry around, think of a packhorse and you won’t be too far out, I generally pack everything the first day and each day my bag gets lighter and lighter as I just can’t carry it!!!

First up, the bag, each season I choose one core bag that I use more often than not, and I mix in a few of my favourites as the mood takes me. This season I have been treated with a Knomo leather bag, I am planning on doing a more detailed post about this incredible bag, but here are the highlights – this bag has its own padded laptop compartment, it can fit in all these essentials and more, it is cute, I love that she is called ‘Alice’, and I don’t think I have ever had a more chic laptop bag. This beauty is perfect for fashion week.

Gadgets and technology are high on my essentials list, I definately need to stay connected throughout fashion week and these help me along the way. I have my laptop, my iPad – new toy that I adore, my HTC One X, which I can’t live without, my incredible Olympus camera, and I picked up a tiny gadget from eBay that allows me to transfer piccies to my iPad for easy upload on the go. That will all keep me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

From technology to old school, I can’t leave the house without my Filofax, I had been using my bright yellow beauty, but then Filofax asked if I would like one of the new Temperley for Filofax Violet organisers to try out, which isn’t even in the stores yet, and of course I jumped at the chance – this is a gorgeous diary. Then I have my new ‘bunting’ notepad that my friend Sarah sent me, which goes perfectly with my Bic two-way pen, I do love a pink pen, and I don’t leave to an event without my Fashionista Barbie business cards – well you don’t know who you might meet!!!

Rushing around for 10 hours straight means you do need to refresh your make-up, as I have such a large bag I always go for a colourful cosmetic pouch, and you don’t get brighter than the amazing range from Candy Store – inside I just carry the essentials foundation, mascara, eye shadow, bronzer and concealer.

Changing conditions is what you have to get used to with fashion week, different venues means different temperatures, so I always carry a scarf, this season I have gone with a horse print. The last few essentials range from Carmex to handcream, headache tablets and then I have my new Barbie coffee cuff from Clippy, yes this season at London Fashion Week even my cuppa will be fashionable!!!

I have a hectic few days coming up, so Fashionista Barbie might be a little slow on the updates, I will try between shows but my schedule is packed this season with some amazing backstage access and I have even got tickets to Temperley London and House of Holland that I have never received before so I am super excited.

Just finishing up this post and I realised I haven’t actually put my tickets in my fashion week essentials – now that would be crazy to forget them!!!

What would your fashion week essentials be?