Shopping: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launches Her M&S Lingerie Collection

Yesterday I was a lucky blogger, I got to be in a room with the gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who as regularly readers will know I am slightly obsessed with and she totally didn’t disappoint. Presenting her inaugural collection of sexy and luxurious lingerie for Marks & Spencer, Rosie talked through her inspirations, mainly her love of the 20s era, drawing on her experiences as a model, as well as replicating her favourite vintage Kimono vintage from her own wardrobe.

I was hoping for colour, especially as her lingerie line is a like a floral bloom, but I wasn’t disappointed in seeing Rosie looking stunning in a £55 fitted black dress from the M&S Autograph collection. Yep, you read that right, Rosie the supermodel wore and looked stunning in a dress we could all rush out and buy. The black peplum dress is gorgeous, I love the leather panel detail to the front, and I was surprised that it was off the high street. Finishing off her look were two skinny belts in black and burgundy, which really did highlight her tiny, tiny waist, and every celebrities favourite nude heels. It was classic and professional.

Unlike other celebrity lines, which I have to be honest I am always wary about how much they actually put into the collections, hearing Rosie talk in such detail and passion about each piece that came out in the presentation was refreshing. If the collection wasn’t stunning enough on its own, I loved it even more after hearing Rosie talk about it, I loved that even though she is drop-dead gorgeous she still has a shyness about her, her hands were glued to her notes and she didn’t look up much from them, it is nice to know that public speaking even makes one of the most stunning women on the planet nervous.

The 33-piece collection really is stunning, I loved everything from the colour palette of muted tones of dusky pink and green through to the scarlet blooms, and my favourite aspects of the collection had to be the intricate detailing of the Art Deco-inspired embroidery. M&S must really be patting themselves on their back for snagging Rosie as she is a star and this collection will no-doubt do well as it is gorgeous.

Prices start at £12.50 for knickers, through to £22.50 for bras and £65 for the silk kimono. Plus this collection has been made for nearly everyone, bra sizes range from A-E cups with selected styles G cup, and the knickers range from size 8 to 20.

I think £35 for a gorgeous bra set is amazing, but I can’t wait for the gorgeous cashmere pyjamas that are due later in the year they looked divine.

The Rosie for Autograph Collection is on sale in stores and online now – will you be buying her designs?

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