Shoes: I Got Inked With Converse And Schuh

A few weeks ago I was invited down to the Oxford Street Schuh store to customise my very own pair of Converse, which might I add are my very first pair ever, crazy right I have so been missing out as they are so comfortable.

As part of the Converse Represents campaign, Schuh’s windows were transformed into a pop-up creative studio, which allowed customers that had bought a pair of Converse to either get them studded, inked or laced up.

I was invited to test out the service and oh my what choice there was, so much so that they had to have iPads on hand to showcase all the crazy designs you could have inked on your Converse – everything from Union Jack flags to iconic London Routemasters, to animals, floral patterns and basically everything in between.

I went for the classic black high tops as I really wanted to stick to a classic minimal look. There were some people who were going crazy and studding the whole shoe, but I decided to keep mine simple and went for small round silver studs that mirrored the lace holes, a star stud in the Converse logo and of course I had to get statement laces, more purple than pink but they sadly didn’t have neon pink. One last touch that I couldn’t resist was getting my blog name inked on my heels. So as well as having my own personalised nail varnish I also now have my very own Fashionista Barbie Converse and I love them.

The Converse customisation lab is all packed up, which is a shame as honestly it was so much fun designing my own, but don’t worry if you missed out as there are so many YouTube videos out there to inspired you and help you do your own DIY customisation. I am actually thinking of buying a white pair and having a go myself,  all I need to do is pick up studs, funky laces and a fabric pen!!!