Afternoon Eye Candy: Is It Still Wrong To Fancy Zac Efron?

Hands up if you have a secret crush on Zac Efron? Well, once upon a time when Zac was singing and dancing around in his cute East High basketball kit it was totally wrong, as he was just a teenager, but now at the grand old age of 24 and his beaming muscles – surely it is totally acceptable – right??!!??

Well that’s what I am telling myself and who can blame my crush on the Disney starlet when he does hot photoshoots like this as the new face of Brazilian fashion house, John John Denim. Who knew that Zac could be the bad boy???

What I noticed instantly, other than Zac’s muscles **wow** was the James Dean vibe of the campaign. Maybe it is just me – but everything from the Los Angeles street setting to the mean and moody look of the styling to the muscle cars it is screaming James Dean and I love it.

No need to thank me for sharing it is my pleasure I aim to please, and all I can hope for is that Zac keeps up this brooding sexiness as this campaign really made my day!!!

[Pics: John John Denim, shot by Jacques Dequeker]
  • Sherin

    I have NO idea when Zac Efron became so hot, but I’m glad he is. Love those muscles. He looks amazing in these campaign shots.