Video Loving: How Dior Used A Million Flowers

If like me and you were fascinated and blow away by the setting of Raf Simons’ debut collection for Dior Couture earlier this month and the salons filled floor-to-ceiling with gorgeous flowers you will adore this behind-the-scenes video Dior has posted of the flowers being installed for the show.

Over one million flowers were used, yep one million – how insane is that, and the installation on the video took four days with each flower hand-woven into the walls. This video just shows the incredible lengths that fashion houses go to for their fashion shows and I love it.

Fancy recreating the look? Well you will just need to raid your local florist for delphiniums, peonies, roses, orchids, and achillea!!!

Also want a reminder of the amazing autumn/winter couture show? Well click below: