My Style: A Rainy Day Needs A Gorgeous Dress

The weather it seems has been the hot topic for weeks now, granted we all know that Blighty isn’t an island blessed with gorgeous summers, we are known for the occasionally heat wave but generally it isn’t amazing. However, I think everyone would agree with me when I say bring back the old summers all is forgiven as it feels lately that this is more autumn than summer.

Well I have decided that no matter how bad the weather is, and to be honest it couldn’t have gotten much worse on the day this picture was taken – think constant rain, that I am going to make myself feel better with a great dress.

The dress in question in this post is from Warehouse, if you haven’t stopped by in a while do, I always seem to leave with something. This dress isn’t very summery, I was attracted by the print and the pleated skirt, but it definitely wasn’t geared for high winds and rain – I did flash a few peeps during my Christmas in July madness across London.

What have you been wearing to cheer yourself up from this weather?

[Pic: thanks to Sherin for snapping me and blame the rain for the state of my hair!!!]