Jubilee Fun: How About Doing The River Island Style Games?

If like me you are planning on going to a Jubilee bash over the long weekend, why not add a little fun into the festivities with the ‘Ice cream chow down’, ‘the coconut smoochie’ or how about the ‘hat throw’?

River Island have put together this very fun and very stylish video showing off their Summer collection, which if you haven’t been into store lately is full of very bright colours and lots of prints, and the coolest Jubilee collection around.

1. Blue Print Jubilee Blazer, £40

2. Blue Print High Waisted Jubilee Shorts, £20

3. Cream Print Jubilee T-shirt, £12

4. Blue Print Jubilee Prom Dress, £45

I think these tongue-in-cheek games could really catch on as the alternative Olympics – what do you think?