Video Loving: Daphne Groeneveld Looks Stunning For Dior – With A Cat On Her Head!!!

Add Daphne Groeneveld, Stereo Total’s tune “I Love You, Ono”, lots of sun, plenty of dancing, and of course a cat and you seriously get a gorgeous beauty mini-film. That is exactly what Jonas Akerlund has done for Dior’s Addict perfume short and I adore it.

Trust me if you are in need of cheering up this film will do it, set in a gorgeous seaside town that looks like it has been specially painted in this season’s key pastel colours – not only is Daphne completely stunning soaking up the sun on the beach, playing dress-up behind a leopard-print screen, and doing the cha-cha, she also wears a cat on her head, yep you read that right!!!

Daphne really does capture the art of seduction beautifully in this colourful film, but seriously, I need to ask who else could work a cat on her head and look this hot??? Very impressive, and if you don’t finish this film without smiling I have no clue what will make you happy.

[Pics: Dior]