Video Loving: The Great Gatsby Trailer

As soon as I heard that Baz Luhrmann was going to be bringing the classic book Great Gatsby to the big screen I was excited, as he directed two of my favourite films Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, I was bursting when I found out that Cary Mulligan was going to be playing Daisy, she is perfect for this role, and then add in Leo Di Caprio into the mix and I was completely hooked before I had even seen the trailer.

The film might not be out until Christmas, but this week the first trailer was released, I know what a tease Baz is, and I was completely blown away by the whole production – from the sets, to the cast, and of course the stunning modern interpretation of Twenties flapper fashion!!!

Already being billed as the ‘most stylist film ever’, I can see why so many fashionistas are getting excited as the roaring Twenties was such a vibrant period in fashion, with romantic and glamour rolled into one. I love all the embellishments, the high glitz, the drop-waist flapper-style dresses, the flamboyant head pieces, lashes of beaded fringes, and of course I can’t leave out the gorgeous hairstyles.

I know that this trailer is instantly going to be picked apart for whether or not the costumes are accurate to the period, granted I saw a few things that weren’t, but what I also saw was that this is a modern interpretation that Baz Luhrmann does so well.

Roll on December, I can’t wait to watch this film in full, but I have to ask does it really need to be in 3D?? Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.