Showgirl Glamour: The Brilliance Of Louboutin

This morning was an amazing end to quite a deary April as the sun came out for the press preview for the Christian Louboutin Retrospective exhibition at the Design Museum, as part of the shoe designer’s 20th anniversary. If like me, you love shoes then you will adore this magical and playful exhibit centring around Louboutin’s life, his inspirations, his most amazing creations, and most of all his passion for showgirls, women and glamour.

The exhibit has a bit of everything so many exquisite shoes I didn’t dare count, a giant 17m long Louboutin signature red sole with seating to watch Dita Von Teese do her burlesque thing, OTT displays on a carousel, helter-skelter and even a section just for the Fetish collection with photographs taken by David Lynch.

My favourite section had to be The Atelier, a recreation of his Parisian atelier, which acts like a behind-the-scenes look into Louboutin’s design process, including a trapeze in the corner that he practices on when he has time. This section was an overload of excitement for me, not only were there amazing shoes like throughout the rest of the exhibit, sketches showing the shoe design process, and other Louboutin projects, but it is in this section of the exhibition that Barbie shines.

I have been tweeting that I hoped Barbie appeared in the exhibition and she sure does, cat burglar Barbie takes centre stage wrapped in the Louboutin red ribbon, but the others from the collection also appear.

I love the way the exhibition has been set out into themes from Louboutin’s love of transparency to his need for travel, and the exquisite designs in the handcrafted section, this exhibit could have easily been based around his collections and just been about shoes but the Design Museum have given an amazing insight into Louboutin’s world that I am so grateful for.

I also loved the way it was displayed as a cabaret, with lots of mirrored panels, bare bulbs, neon-lit ‘Entrée’ sign, and the trapeze rings, apparently all done on the Louboutin’s assertion that “every woman wants to be a showgirl”, and if you don’t leave wanting to be a feather ruffling show girl you didn’t get the beauty of this exhibition!!!

The exhibition is only on for 10-weeks, until July 9, and I am sure that it is going to be a sell out so if you love shoes, dream of buying a pair of red soles, or just love beautiful things then get yourself down to the Design Museum, London, trust me you won’t regret it – I absolutely loved it.

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[Pics: all taken by Fashionista Barbie]