Cover Loving: All Hail Queen Victoria

Seriously, Victoria Beckham keeps on surprising me lately, and her cover for the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar China just blew me away.  Shot by Chinese photographer Chen Man, I love Victoria’s fiery red hair in this very avant-garde editorial shoot, where she kind of look like a video game character.

Everything from the couture styling to her cat-like eyes with yellowy gold eyeshadow, to that gorgeous Asian head-dress, this is an almost unrecognisable Victoria Beckham and I love it.

My Chinese is a little rusty, or should I say no-existent, but I have been assured that it hails Victoria as ‘Queen Victoria’ and I quite agree I love this editorial spread.

I think I prefer this cover to her UK Harper’s Bazaar cover, which don’t get me wrong was beautiful, but the Chinese edition gets my vote just for doing something completely different with her.

What do you think UK or China?

[Pics: Chen Man for Harper's Bazaar China via]