Bag Love: Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Collection

I am in love with this exquisite capsule collection of handbags that Christian Louboutin is releasing to celebrate his 20th anniversary and it is nice to show off his fab clutches, which generally get overshadowed by the red soles, but there is no chance of that happening with these beauties.

I have been blogging and tweeting about my search for a clutch, in my dreams I can afford the Pilule above, which I just love the working of the classic shape with a quirky design is perfection to me.

These three are most amazing of handbags I have seen in a while, the straps really are works of art, my favourite being the studded Artemis Paris complete with Eiffel Tower. But come on Artemis Plumes with the multi-coloured feathers and Artemis Shoemania with its ode to the iconic red soles are just as gorgeous, and if the plain ones on the website, which are retailing for just under £900 are anything to go by, these crazy beauties are going to be expensive.

One less out there, but just as gorgeous is the Newspaper (below), I love the classic clutch shape, but I would be so worried about getting it dirty!!!

Check out more of Louboutin’s art on his new European e-commerce website, check out the front page even Barbie gets a starring role, but the shop page is an incredible rainbow of shoes and bags – I love it.

[Pics: Christian Louboutin]