Whooga: How Many Fleece- Lined Boots Does One Need?

Well, apparently eight!!! That is how many pairs of sheepskin-lined boots I own, it seems I am collecting every colour in the autumnal rainbow from sand to chestnut, grey, and brown, and even a pop of colour with my raspberry Wellington boots. It also seems that I am not fussy about the brand, just the softness of the lining, which all started with my first pair of UGG Australia boots – the classic short beige ones.

Since then I have added styles from Emu Australia, Shelly’s, New Look, and have even going furry with my wellies with Ewe, it seems I just can’t get enough of the sheepskin lining!!! So when Whooga Ugg Boots got in touch to review their boots I jumped at the chance. I have to admit doing this photoshoot did really highlight how often I wear these warm beauties, but to be honest when they make my feet so toasty I am going to keep working them.

What I have found is that there are a lot of choice in the ‘ugg’ boot market, which is the style of the boot not the brand, and I have found my new Whooga Ugg Boots are one of the most comfortable pairs I have ever worn, not only does it feel like they have the  thickest shearling out of all my styles, they are also a lot cheaper than their competition.

So back to my latest addition, chocolate brown classic tall Whooga ugg boots, I went for the tall ones as I do prefer the taller style as they are more versatile. I am wearing them here with my skinny jeans, but earlier in the week I wore with leggings and a sweater dress, and last weekend I wore with a denim skirt and jumper.

Whooga really does have  a great collection, with the all the classic styles covered – Classic Short, Classic Tall, Mini, and the knitted variety and they come in the classic neutral colours of sand, chestnut, black, brown, and grey, as well as some more on trend colours in pink, violet and metallics. But unlike its competitors prices start from £79, with my beauties costing just £89, that is a fraction of the price of my tall grey UGG Australia ones.

I know a lot of people refuse to work the Ugg boot – but if like me you want to stay warm these are perfect, I have to admit I won’t work mine into central London unless I am travelling, but if I am going in the car running errands then I want comfort and these boots are perfect for slipping on. I generally say not knock them until you’ve tried them!!!

So how many fleece-lined boots do you own?

  • Lola

    I am surprised that I don’t own any, I should really,  it’s like having your feet in bed all day! the rasberry ones look appealing X

  • http://anastasia-duck.blogspot.com Anastasia & Duck

    You have a serious problem…