Fab Details: Gorgeous DKNY Garment Tags For The UK

I am a sucker for the details, whether it is a gorgeous print on the dress, the intricate embroidery on the collar, or in the case of DKNY the chic illustrations that will hang on each garment and accessory in UK department stores to identify its Limited Edition pieces.

I am assuming that these illustrations are from the fab Dallas Shaw who does a lot of work with DKNY especially her Twitter avatars,  as they just oozes the glamour and elegance of the brand. These beauties are frameable art in my opinion, oh and they are not helping with my dreams to be a fashion illustrator, if only I had these skills my blog would be extra pretty!!!

Selfridges and Harrods even have their own exclusive garment tags above, which are my two favourites – as well as the one below – that clutch is cute!!!

[Pics: DKNY]