David Longshaw: The Uber-Fashionable Selnec

Let me introduce you to David Longshaw’s uber fashion blogger, Selnec, who jets about the world, looks very fashionable, and is illustrated gorgeously on a collection of luxury silk scarves. I do love David Longshaw, not only are his illustrations exquisite, just check out Selnec’s take on British pride in her stylised crown, but what I love most is his ability to create rounded characters in all his collections.

Last week I showed you Maude his larger-than-life fabric mouse, who is adorable and part of his autumn/winter 2012 collection, but I do have a soft spot for Selnec and her stylish attire – come on she is the coolest fashionista in glasses for sure!!!

These beauties are from his autumn/winter 2011 collection, which is a shame as I totally want the New York one with the graphic skyscraper border, a hot dog balloon and the cutest I Heart New York t-shirt – but the British one is special with the red phone boxes and postboxes. But luckily the character is continuing for spring/summer 2012 with a sports themed collection, which sees Selnec playing polo, croquet, and tennis – but her globe-trekking trip around the fashion capitals will always have a special part in my heart.

The floral sports collection is exclusive to Harrods and the multi-coloured silk floral scarves are £235 each, and my favourite is the Croquet one – I think I will have to start saving my pennies as I need this in my scarf collection, like NOW!!!

UPDATE: David Longshaw scarves are also available at the Young British Designer emporium – click here for the full collection.

  • http://twitter.com/PavlynBoutique Pavlyn

    OMG Love those scarves! David Longshaw is truly an incredible artist, his work is so unique and makes these scarves so novel ! So sad we can’t find his stuff in Canada :(

    PS: we love your blog! Check out ours at www.Pavlyn.com :)