Clutch Lust: Gorgeous Laser-Cut Leather Lace

I love bags, I generally have one in every colour, and all are various sizes of big, bigger and huge – it seems small isn’t really in my vocabulary when it comes to buying handbags. But what I have discovered lately is that tiny is beautiful and I think it is my need for  a clutch for all occasions that is driving my latest shopping obsession.

I find that when it comes to teaming my going out outfits with accessories jewellery is covered, even shoes, but I always pass on the bag because I have nothing suitable, which means that I generally just take my phone. Lately however, mainly due to a friends wedding looming this summer I have been thinking I need to invest in one kick-arse clutch, and my first option that I have falling in love with is this oh-so-feminine creamy laser-cut leather lace Be&D clutch. Gorgeous isn’t it!!!

The mix of taupe leather and laser-cut leather lace has just the right mix of glamour, drama, and intrigue to make it a clutch that can work with generally any outfit – from a uber-sophisticated occasion to dressing up jeans, a top, and kick-arse heels – I reckon this beauty might be perfect for me.

It is from Be&D’s spring/summer 2012 collection and hasn’t hit the brands website yet, but its other envelope-style clutches are around the $200 mark, I reckon with all the intricate detailing this might be double that but in terms of investment potential I am going to add it to my wishlist!!!

As well as the snaps I took in the Greene & Sheppard showroom, including the matching tote bag, which is also gorgeous I have also included the image from the lookbook – mainly because I am intrigued by the strange concept of using fashion clowns. But even with this creepy shot I am still loving this clutch.

  • Polawola

    Gorgeous gorgeous handbag! You’re so right about the look book shot tough, I think I might have nightmares now!