Bag Lust: Kate Hudson Carries The Jimmy Choo Tatum

I first lusted after this Bohemian-inspired and glamorous Jimmy Choo Tatum bag after I spotted Jennifer Lopez carrying it back in 2010, but I am loving how Kate Hudson has dressed this fringed beauty in a casual vibe while in London recently.

Kate Hudson has a style that I love, she always looks gorgeous dressed for the red carpet, but she really does do casual well. I am loving her combination of riding boots, teamed with a chunky roll-neck jumper and leggings, that alone is perfect, add this hippy fringe-trim textured woven leather and suede Jimmy Choo bag and it makes it one cool look.

I have searched about and it seems this Jimmy Choo bag isn’t available any more, not that I could afford it anyway as it was close to the $3k mark, but just for those chain-link straps I can’t stop dreaming about this bag – simply gorgeous!!!

[Pic: via Jimmy Choo]