Daily Tumblr: I Am A Barbie Girl

Many moons ago, prior to this fashion blog, I used to just keep an online photo journal, which basically just contained pictures I had taken, inspirational collages and just generally things I loved, and I have to admit I kind of miss it. So I had considered starting it up again, but to be honest I really don’t have the time, Fashionista Barbie really does keep me busy, so I have decided to utilise my Tumblr page to share snippets of my life.

Nothing is set in stone with my Tumblr, but the idea is to use it as a daily creative outlet featuring things I love. So it could be  a daily style snap, a new recipe, a new Barbie, or something you came across during your day.

Today’s inspiration/find is my new Barbie necklace I have been after for a while. I have a lot of charms but I wanted something fun and kitsch – and this laser-cut hot pink acrylic Barbie necklace from Etsy certainly is!!!

What do you use your Tumblr for?