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Merry Christmas Dolls!!!


Christmas has and always will be a special time of year for me, and granted I do love receiving presents but more than that I love making new memories with my loved ones.

Last night as I was getting giddy about my presents under the tree, it seems Paulie has really spoilt me this year, I was thinking about all the presents I got as a child. There was a bike that I wasn’t very steady on, lots of play-doh – the smell still takes me back to when my Dad gave me a new shade, and lots and lots of cuddle toys and the one I took everywhere with me was this pink My Little Pony, which wasn’t so little.

I don’t remember the god awful, very Eighties sofa, or even the retro Cola can, but I do remember my love of pig-tails, pink, and how I cherished that pony – just looking at it today reminds me of such a great Christmas.

So this is just a quick blog wishing all my lovely readers a very Merry Christmas – I hope that Santa brought you lots of gorgeous gifts, that you have a fun festive day with your loved ones, and most of all that you all make lots of memories that will have you smiling in years to come.

Merry Christmas dolls!!!!

Festive Fun: Christmas Eve Movie Marathon

christmas-moviesI have quite a haul of Christmas movies, I just love the festive cheer, the soundtracks, and the happy endings that always make me cry uncontrollably. With the Xmas24 channel I have been watching Christmas movies since December 1, I can’t help it I am a sucker for Christmas romance, a jolly man in a red suit, and seeing all the decorations.

This morning I took down all *well some* of my festive films from the DVD shelf to decide on today’s marathon and thought I would share a few of my favourite Christmas movies.

miracle-34th-street1. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) – Normally I would always say go for the original but there is something about this remake of Miracle on 34th Street that I just adore – maybe it is the cute kid or that Richard Attenborough makes a great Father Christmas. All I can say is that I Believe!!!

white-christmas2. White Christmas – It really isn’t Christmas without a least one screening of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. I must know all the words and songs off by heart but that is what makes this musical one of my favourites. Come on you know you want to sing along as well – “I’mmmm Dreaming of a, White Christmas!”

eves-christmas3. Eve’s Christmas – One that you might not be as familiar with but one of my favourites is Eve’s Christmas starring Clueless actress Elisa Donovan, who is in a lot of Christmas movies I love *12 Wishes of Christmas, The Dog Who Saved Christmas + lots of sequels, and A Golden Christmasbut this is her best. Who doesn’t wish they could have a do-over and each year I definitely wish on the Christmas star.

santa-clause4. The Santa Clause – Didn’t everyone wish that their dad was Santa after seeing this for the first time? The sequels aren’t as good as the first one, but I do love watching them all back-to-back. Also who would have thought that Tim Allen would make a great Santa.

call-me-claus5. Call Me Claus – Another one you might not know, I do love an American TV movie, but come on Whoopi Goldberg as Santa – what’s not to love!!!

I also can’t wait to watch – It’s A Wonderful Life- even though it makes me cry, Love Actually, Jack Frost – another tear jerker, Home Alone – just the first one, Elf, Scrooged – the Bill Murray version as the Ghost of Christmas Present cracks me up every time, Christmas With The Kranks, The Bishop’s Wife – Cary Grant as an angel, The Holiday – as I want to be Cameron Diaz, His and Her Christmas, and don’t forget a bit of action to your Christmas viewing with Die Hard – all together now “Yippie kay-yay motherfucker!”.

So what’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Christmas Cheer: The Dream House Is All Festive

Christmas-tree-2012-10Ever since I was little Christmas has been a special time of year, it was a time of year that my Mum made very special, filled with festive fun and treats. From decorating the tree, to wandering around Manchester seeing the lights, shopping for gifts, and putting together the party food for the family gatherings – Christmas was/is such a fun time of year for my family, and each year it is topped off with the most amazing stocking that my Mum puts together – seriously a miniature can of Coke has never tasted so good.

Gone are the regular trips home, I still do before and after the big day, but now Christmas is at home with my boyfriend and I love that we've started our own festive traditions, which basically involves Paulie letting me get as giddy as possible around the holidays. We watch as many Christmas movies as Xmas24 has to offer, I bake up a feast, this year is all about chocolate brownies, Victoria sponge cakes, and of course mince pies, we find an ice skating rink, we try and visit reindeers, which each year gets harder to find, and my favourite of our traditions is going bowling and watching this year's festive film at the cinema on Christmas Eve before we get out the party food.


One of my favourite festive rituals has to be decorating the tree, I am not someone who goes for themes, more about putting together a variety of baubles and decorations that all have a memory attached to them, and each year I add a few more to the collection. I have decorations that my Mum has passed down, including a very fluffy angel that sadly my cat JD seems to love, named snow globes, a host of stars, a pretty ballerina, a gorgeous fairy for the top of the tree, and new this year are some Japanese inspired baubles that caught my eye from John Lewis.

Christmas-tree-2012-9 Christmas-tree-2012-8Christmas-tree-2012-13 Christmas-tree-2012-12 Christmas-tree-2012-4 Christmas-tree-2012-7 Christmas-tree-2012-2


As well as our main tree I also like an alternative, smaller tree for the dining room, and this year it is a modern silver tree holding baubles depicting the 12 days of Christmas, just something a little different for a centre piece for my table.

Christmas-2012-2 Christmas-2012-4 Christmas-2012-6Christmas-2012-7 Christmas-2012-8 Christmas-2012-13Do you have traditions for the holiday season? And how do you dress up your house to get yourself in the mood for Christmas?



SS13 Campaign: Versace Does Post Apocalyptic Glamour

Versace-SS13-ad-1So according to the Mayans the world was suppose to end today, I forgot all about it, but Versace obviously decided to do their own version of what an apocalypse would look like, and of course it would be glamorous and filled with half-naked gladiators.

For the spring/summer 2013 campaign, shot by Mert & Marcus, Versace has brought together three iconic models Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy and Joan Smalls and each one looks absolutely hot – especially Kate who is being flanked by three very hunky gladiators, Edward Wilding, Kacey Carring and Veit Couturier.

Of the campaign, Donatella Versace said:

“To have three glamorous and iconic women like Kate, Daria and Joan in one campaign is not an easy feat. Mert and Marcus really outdid themselves, each image is composed like a work of art.”

This is one steamy campaign that I am sure for some will be a little too fake, or photoshopped, but come what do you expect from Versace – these images are so on brand for me and I love them – they are OTT, striking, and so, so sexy.

What do you think of Versace’s spring/summer 2013 campaign?

Versace-SS13-ad-2 Versace-SS13-ad-3 Versace-SS13-ad-4[Pics: Versace]