Personalised: Design Your Own Daisy Stacking Ring

I do love personalised jewellery, whether it is a named necklace like Carrie in Sex in the City, or an adorable Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, and my latest obsession is the funky Daisy Jewellery stacking rings.

There are more than 100 different sterling silver rings that incorporate nature, texture and coloured stones, and to help you decide on your favourite combination you can use the Stack Builder application to drag and drop different rings together to see what looks best. I also love that you can see how it would look on your hand, by changing the skintone and nail varnish – such a great way to see if your combination is the perfect stack.

There are a lot of options to choose from, sadly no Barbie or doll charms yet, but there is a gold-plated Elephant head that makes the perfect top for any ring set and would look perfect on my finger!!!! Teamed with the Elephant, £58, is the gorgeous Chino spacer ring, £41, which is a simple-yet-chic circle of love hearts, and to finish off my stack I have gone for the chunky Borough Highstreet urban spacer, £69, with its hammered effect.

The best bit about these stacking rings is, like with a charm bracelet, you can add to it, change it up, or just wear on there own!!!

What will your Daisy Jewellery stacking ring look like? Here are a few more options that you might like.

1. Utopia, £241

2. Rocky Racoon, £117

3. Wonderland, £141