Wedding Style: Twitter Lovebird Dress

Last night I went to a lovely wedding in Essex and it was such a fun event; great time with friends, bit of dancing, the most amazing wedding cake filled with profiterole and ended with a stop off for a McD banana milkshake!!

I have to admit I did stress slightly about what to wear, I totally forgot that the dress I was planning to wear I wore to the previous wedding with the same group of friends a couple of months back, so you can imagine my relief when I finally found this little beauty about an hour before we were meant to leave. Back in September the high street was filled with such amazing colourful dresses, it seems now that it is a little colder they’ve all gone, so I was so pleased to find the Twitter lovebirds at New Look.

I know black isn’t the best option for a wedding, but I was only going to the evening reception so I thought it would work and my birdies are kissing so the romance theme is definitely there!!! What I loved about this dress other than the fab print had to be the sheer puff sleeves and collar detailing as well as the fit – this was a great dress to relax and have fun in.

I finished off my look with a cute necklace from Forever 21, now all I need to do is find an exact replicate of that dress and I will be happy!!

I know weddings should be a time for statement heels, but I decided to go with my new go-to flats my patent brogues from Russell & Bromley, as they add a bit of glamour and are super comfortable. I am so glad I did as I was on my feet all night.


  • Anonymous

    love the whole outfit every element is super cute!

  • Danielle Wightman-Stone

    thank you – was totally drawn to the print of the dress

  • Lauren

    How weird, I was looking at that very same dress at the weekend. And I also have that necklace, bought it in Forever 21 on holiday in the US a couple of months back xx