Blouse Loving: The Charlotte Pussybow From Hedonia

I am blaming the return of Gossip Girl for my love of prim and proper ladylike attire. I do have a slight addiction with Blair Waldorf, and I readily admit that I so what to be her, especially as I would be able to live in New York!!! Well taking a leaf out of Blair’s fabulous wardrobe I have found the most perfect pussybow blouse from fashion label Hedonia.

Blair and the Upper Eastside may have the spending power to pick up this gorgeous houndstooth Alexander McQueen (below), but if like me that is a little past your budget don’t worry as this one from Hedonia would not only look amazing on Blair, but it is also a bargain at £40.

The Charlotte pussybow blouse from Hedonia comes in two colours, ivory, or my favourite the retro satin print blouse – that orange and black zig zag pattern totally looks like it has come from the 70s.

What I love about this blouse, there is a lot: the puff-ball sleeves – super cute; the tailored fit; the choice of colours; the price; and the best bit has to be the fact that the pussybow tie is detachable – genius right, so for £40 you get two-looks-from-one-shirt – LOVE!!

Not only does this blouse look amazing with the Hedonia orange Rachel skirt, the high-waisted flare is so divine, but I think it would be look perfect paired with 70s-style flared jeans for a retro vibe. Or if going for the complete Blair look, just team with a classic pencil skirt and fishnet tights.

[Pics: Hedonia & Giovanni Rufino/The CW]