Website Loving: What I Wore Today

If you haven’t heard of What I Wore Today shame on you, only joking, I must admit I only recently discovered the day snaps of Poppys Dinsey and that led me to signing up to the beta testing for her new WIWT platform. So not only do we get a daily shot of Poppy’s look but now we can all join in too and I have to admit my week on the site has been quite fun.

Unlike other sites where I felt like posing, staging and a professional photographer was more important than the actual outfit, Poppy’s WIWT isn’t judgemental to me snapping my look in my bathroom mirror with my Blackberry, hey if Poppy can get away with iPhone snaps then my BB is just as good!!!

The site is still in its Beta phase, but not for much longer as it is launching to the public on September 15, and there will even be an iPhone app available then as well. Another reason to switch I feel, now if only iPhone’s weren’t touch screen I would be OK, maybe I can convince Poppy that a BB app is just as important.

So the site itself is very easy to use: literally add your look of the day snap and tag your outfit, select your mood ranging from annoyed to wired, and my favourite Arse Kicking Awesome, then add the situation whether it’s seeing friends, talking a walk or even going for an interview, include where you are in the world, and then if you want add a description and click save outfit. In total that takes no more than a few minutes, perfect for the one look a day rule.

As well as it being super easy to use I also love the layout of the website, you can search by Editor’s Choice *check me out the other day in the orange*, Outfits which includes all the latest looks, or how about Brands, currently Primark is trending at the top.

So getting in the spirit of things I have uploaded a few outfits this week, you can see them here and also follow me on WIWT. I am also chuffed that I already have 4150 kudos points, not that I am sure what that actually means, but main thing is it is fun so get involved.

Working my Forever 21 owl jumper, love the mustard shade and this jumper works really well with my Dorothy Perkins skinny flares.

I am a lover of the maxi skirt and for a day of events in London I decided to team my New Look beauty with this cool horse-print sheer top from Primark.

My favourite look of the week has to be this long-sleeve Dorothy Perkins pleated knitted dress, yes autumn has come early here in Blighty so I was so pleased that I picked this dress up a few weeks back.

So what are you wearing today?