Video Loving: Dior Rolls Out Its Leading Hollywood Stars

I love a fashion/beauty film, and I completely adore the new Dior J’Adore short film shot in the Galerie des Glaces at the Château de Versailles by Jean-Jacques Annaud.

Not only has it got an amazing soundtrack with the use of Gossip’s Heavy Cross song, a gorgeous glamorous leading lady in Charlize Theron, it also features cameos from Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Marylin Monroe. It is a special collaboration that works so well, and Charlize looks stunning in that gold lame dress, she really does have a great swagger for her catwalk, which I love.

I also loved the full-page advert in The Sunday Times, I love Charlize’s silhouette – it is like a sleek Dior J’Adore bottle, which might I add is one of the most stunning fragrances around.