NYC Adventure: HTC Snapshots From New York

I know my blog has seemed a little like HTC have sponsored me *they haven’t by the way*, I just can’t help the fact I have so many cool things to share from my short press trip with them to New York. One of the things I love to do is take pictures, I took a lot with my new Olympus camera *more to come on this bad boy*, but I am also an avid mobile phone camera user and this post is dedicated to all the amazing snaps I took with my new HTC Evo 3D that I was gifted to capture the launch. Please note there are no funky 3D ones below as I had to covert them to 2D so you could see them.

My first snap of course had to be of the awesome HTC 3D phone, well that would have been hard to snap so the box will have to do. I have to admit the Evo is heavier than my Blackberry and did take me a little time to get used to the touch-screen, but I am happy with the pics I got. I just wish I had been a bit more adventurous and used all the amazing picture effects the phone comes with, something my BB doesn’t do, the HTC makes the pics look a bit like Instagram, the vintage mode is quite cool.

This shot was a cool 3D snap outside the Soho Grand, yep the hotel has its own bikes that you can hire, the weather wasn’t quite up to it but on a hot day it would be a great way to explore Soho.

The Meatpacking District was one of my favourite areas, strangely enough I had never been there on my previous visits, maybe that is what made it more enjoyable. It kind of has an East London vibe to neighbourhood, I love the mix of high-end boutiques next to retro-style shops and here you can eat whatever you like as the restaurants cater for everything. A big highlight for me was the quirky artwork on the walls as well as the architecture I do love the converted warehouse look.

The Standard, New York seemed to be the centre point for most of our activities that day, it was just round the corner from the launch, so when we were early we nipped into The Standard Grill for breakfast, I met my trusty doggies and had my first sighting of KAWS’ Companion, and was a great opportunity to get to know all the other journos from across Europe.

Next up was the launch, instantly I knew it was going to be a grand affair as we were greeted with this gorgeous flower scene at the entrance to the High Line Stages.

After the launch we headed over in the rain to Phillip Chow’s amazing restaurant, and on the way I spotted this fire station and I just loved the mural on the door. Oh and I also spotted Barbie’s logo beckoning down from FAO Schwartz, even in the rain it is unmistakable.

The lunch was amazing, a little rushed, but so much food that all tasted amazing. I loved the chicken satay.

After lunch we headed over to the HTC Inspiration Tour, which I have already done to death probably, but here are a few snaps from the area and the gang waiting for the hunt to begin.

Next up was a quick stop back the hotel, drinks and then back to the High Line for the celeb-packed bash. First up I have to share the fabulous Louboutins hanging up in the bar at the Soho Grand Hotel, and then a few pap snaps I took of Leighton Meester chatting to her pal and Charlize Theron.

Also I couldn’t resist snapping Leighton Meester’s amazing Burberry heels, seriously high, seriously cool, now if only I could afford them!!!

The day after and quite frankly amazingly hangover free I had a free day, which included a trip to see the lovely Rebecca Minkoff *that strangely I didn’t snap one pic*, I checked out the Daphne Guinness exhibition, went to Times Square well Toys R Us is there and I needed a Barbie, I also stopped by Hard Rock Cafe for another teddy and just had fun before my flight home.

For more candid snaps go to my Facebook where I have added a new album ‘HTC Snapshots From New York’.