NYC Adventure: HTC Inspiration Tour – Part 1

As well as whisking me to New York for the launch of their smartphone, click here if you haven’t read my review of the cute Rhyme, HTC also treated us to a very cool inspirational scavenger hunt around the Meatpacking District and on the High Line organised by Syl Tang *far right above* from Hip Guide. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what this would entail, all I knew was that I would meet five different hosts who would talk about what inspires them ranging from a chef to a fashion designer. Interesting concept all built around HTC’s people-watching skills that helps them develop such crazy hot mobiles.

So we were split into teams and assigned a guide, to help us if we had no idea what the clue was on about, and off we all raced off into the Meatpacking District with our cryptic clue in hand. First stop was to meet Harry Stoehr a chef in the Chelsea Market. I was thinking it was just going to be a little like Borough Market, but it was so much more, I’m actually not a foodie, don’t get me wrong I love to eat but not so much to cook, if I had this place on my doorstep I am sure that would change. Jammed packed full of character, this place has everything from buying fresh produce or offers you something different to eat whether it is seafood, vegan delights, just good quality American food or amazing chocolate delights. I just really loved the vibe of this market.

It was also beautifully styled as well, lots of cool archive pictures of how it used to look, very industrial with the exposed pipe gushing out water to make a waterfall, brass sculptures of feet, exposed brick work and cogs, I could have spent all day in this place in.

As well as all the stop off points it was amazing to take in the architecture and character of the area, so many painted murals, cool people and colourful scenes.

This was underneath Chelsea Market, I just couldn’t help but snap it, also just around the corner was the Loss Sqid, and some cute Vespa’s, every turn uncovered something completely different.

If you thought I was joking on how cryptic the clues were, this is one of the best we were given to track down our second stop.

“Leave behind crepes, cupcakes, chowders and chocolates. On High at Sixteenth is a host who can do portraits. Find a view of a lady, tall and proud. Who witnessed the journey of many a crowd. On benches tiered in rows of three your host sits looking out to sea.”

Instantly we knew that it had to be artist Matthew Thomas but I was a little confused about the sea and lady, that was until I turned around on the High Line and just in the distance you could spy the Statue of Liberty *my picture isn’t great – trust me she is there*.

Matthew was one of the most interesting hosts on the tour, not only was his artwork exquisite, he has such an interesting background, which comes out in his amazing portraits. I really loved all them, especially the ones of his dog and the more abstract pieces.

Next stop was to speak to Nichole Rouillac, one of the HTC designers who headed up the hardware design for the new HTC Rhyme. Not only was she adorable in her polka-dot dress and red hot nails, but her excitement and enthusiasm for the new phone was infectious. It was another great opportunity to play with the phone, as well as find out more about the features and I am excited to use the camera as they’ve made improvements. Better autofocus, face recognition as well as adding more effects so kind of like Instagram, and the thing that excited me the most it comes with a five-shot burst. This is one great camera phone and as I snap a lot this is going to be perfect for me.

What I loved most about this tour, as well as running around everywhere with the lovely Aparna and David, was to chance to explore the High Line, which is a public park built on a 1.45-mile-long elevated rail structure that runs from Gansevoort Street to 34th Street on Manhattan’s West Side. If you are heading to New York soon I promise this is worth a visit, I loved all the expose rail track, all the seating, and most of all the views are incredible, as I said you can see Statue of Liberty on a clear day, also you can people watch into all the buildings that run by the side, I loved watching this girl dancing she was so stunning.

I took so many pictures I have decided to cut this post into a few parts, I think the fourth and fifth hosts who were eccentric jewellery designer Samantha House and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson deserve their own blog posts. So watch this space!!!

I have also put another folder of pictures on my Facebook Page – so pop over if you want to see more from my NYC Adventure with HTC.