Funky Jewellery: Brooches Made Modern

I  love jewellery, my friend is all about her rings, me on the other hand I’m a bit of necklace and bracelet gal; but I think I am going to have to add brooches to that list as I have fallen in love with these beauties from young German designers, Berit Lüdecke and Kerstin Reilemann, also known as Snug.

I found these gorgeous brooches at online shop Howkapow, which if you haven’t been to you should they do some amazing pieces, most of which are from new designers.

Each brooch is hand-made in Hannover and comes packaged in an adorable recycled box *love the graph paper packaging* and all retail at £20. All retro-inspired in design you can choose between my favourite the mustard-coloured wooden Blowball brooch, the pretty petrol-coloured Folklore brooch, this powder-blue wooden Swallow brooch, or how about this cute oak-coloured Flower brooch. I have to admit I kind of want them all.

I am fascinated to know if anyone else under the age of 50 works a good brooch, as the only ones I have in my jewellery box have been passed down to me, which don’t get me wrong are gorgeous just not so modern.

Do you have any funky brooches in your jewellery box?