Armani Campaign: Rihanna Works A Blond Pixie

I drooled over the new Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans campaigns from Rafael Nadal, but for the much anticipated Rihanna campaign shots I have to admit I did a double take she looks so different, and in some shots a little unrecognisable.

I know Rihanna does love changing her hair, but wow this platinum blond pixie look changes her dramatically. The shots are extremely sexy, I do think they look gorgeous with her being lit only by the headlights of the cars that she is draped in/over, but I am still in shock a little at her hair.

The thing that came to my mind though, when you see past her amazing abs *they are to-die-for*, is why didn’t Armani just go for any top model as surely they aren’t working her celebrity status to the max. Don’t get me wrong some shots, when she is looking into the camera Rihanna is instantly recognisable and I am sure they will be the ones used on the big billboards, but maybe next season’s campaign they go back to using a model rather than a celebrity.

This has to be my favourite shot, I just love how striking her pixie cut looks in the black and white, and the styling is fresh and young, oh and the car looks amazing.